Hot Deals & Old School Updates

Hey everyone. I just wanted to pop-in quickly to let you all know that our latest off-color HotHardware release is up for grabs again today, Old School.  As usual, Sully's got an opinion on a topic that should interest just about everyone -- Money. It's not our typical hardware-centric content by any means, but we urge you all to check it out.  Sully's got a rare sense of humor and it shows! Dare I say the laughs are guaranteed? :)

I also want to direct your attention to a new section in our forums that's been buzzing as of late. We've created a "HOT Deals" section in the forum that's filled with some of the best deals on the net for hardware and software. If you're not already a HotHardware forum member, get in there and join right now! And if you are a loyal forum member already, be sure to check out the new HOT Deals section and contribute when you can. This section is turning into very useful resource for shopping for new PC gear, so let's keep it going strong.

Via:  HotHardware

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