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Holy High Pixels, Batman - Altek Readies 14MP Smartphone

Holy High Pixels, Batman - Altek Readies 14MP Smartphone

At what point does a smartphone really become a digital camera with call-making abilities? Up until now, we've never really had to put much thought into such a scenario, because quite frankly, the integrated cameras on most smartphones leave a lot to be desired. That might change when Altek releases its Leo device, which is technically a smartphone but might better be described as a hybrid camera/phone.

The reason? This thing is packing a 14 megapixel camera. Flip the thing over and you'll spy a zoom lens encased in an attractive brushed aluminum casing. It looks every bit a digital camera from that vantage point, and not only will it shoot ginormous pics, it will also capture 720p video.

Flip it around and you'll find a touchscreen more telling of a traditional smartphone. Details remain sparse so far, though we know it comes with Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity with HSPDA support. We'd also venture to guess it will sport Android inside, though that hasn't been confirmed.
Altek Launches "Leo", the World's Smartest

14 MP, 3.5G Professional Camera Phone Powerful Optical Zoom Lens Takes the Smartphone to the Next Level

Altek Corporation, a global leader in the design and manufacture of digital cameras (TWSE: 3059) is pleased to announce its imminent launch of Leo, the world's newest, smartest 3.5G professional camera phone. Operated via its generous touch screen panel, Leo delivers 3.5G (HSDPA) functionality and features a 3x optical zoom and 14 megapixels CCD. Altek plans to launch Leo in June at CommunicAsia (CMMA) in Singapore.

Alex Hsia, president and CEO of Altek, notes that, "picture taking has already risen to become one of the most important mobile phone functions for consumers. Phones able to capture high definition, high quality images and video are a win-win for users as well as telecommunication service providers, as the latter can anticipate rising bandwidth usage rates when users share images remotely."

"The Leo mobile phone," Alex continued, "is the product of our accumulated advances and breakthroughs in imaging technology as well as Altek's continued refinement and improvement of optical technologies. Stylishly designed, Leo plugs users into a wireless world of excitement and fun. Its high-end digital camera and video functions means Leo users need never again let a special moment pass by unrecorded. Leo's high definition digital images (14MP) and video (720p HD) can be uploaded instantly to the Internet via onboard Wi-Fi and 3.5G connectivity for sharing with friends and family."
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Cool...Very Cool!!

Now I just want to know if this is the same Altek that is in Connecticut and is all American made? Then I will probably be rushing out to get one of these! Or even if it is Altec/Plantronics, and not made in Singapore, then still sign me up :)

If this is some new Altek from Taiwan, Then I guess they will just have to give it away for free with a 2year contract..which I probably wont be signing up for :P

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