HP Boosts Job Cut Forecasts As It Executes Turnaround Plan

HP announced more bad news for employees who are already facing massive job cuts: it plans to slash even more positions than expected. That number was a projected 27,000 lost jobs by 2014. Now, reports suggest that the company is eyeballing an additional 2,000 cuts, or 29,000 total slashed jobs by the end of that same forecast period.

Amid the restructuring, HP is preparing for Windows 8 and has already announced some interesting new systems with multi-touch screens to take advantage of Windows 8's touch capabilities. This is the upcoming HP ENVY TouchSmart Ultrabook 4.

Although HP isn’t giving much explanation for the additional cuts, it doesn’t really need to: the company’s troubles with both management and sales have been well publicized in recent years. The need to make painful cuts is disheartening, but understandable as CEO Meg Whitman restructures the company and prepares for a market that doesn’t value the desktop PC the way that it once did. Sizeable though the cuts are, they aren’t the biggest in history, and major companies have survived such cuts.
Via:  USA Today
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FreeJet 2 years ago

Bravo HP! Nothing signals economic growth better than massive lay-offs. But the market does have a point: it's a lot easier to carry a laptop around versus a desktop pc when you are homeless and unemployed.

CDeeter 2 years ago

Plus, you can get free wifi at most fast food places so you can still stay connected.

MCook 2 years ago

We almost got her as governor in California, thankfully people were wise and that didn't happen. Sadly though, she is still at HP, being Mrs.Scrooge.  She's a real piece of work, a bad piece.

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