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Grace Digital Launches Allegro Wi-Fi Internet Radio & Streamer

Grace Digital Launches Allegro Wi-Fi Internet Radio & Streamer

On one hand, it's just a clock, but on the other, it's one of the most connected and unique clocks we've ever seen. Grace Digital Audio, a relative unknown in the grand scheme of things, is showing the big boys a thing or two about design and feature sets with the new Allegro Portable Wireless Radio & Streamer.

Designed to serve two primary purposes (an alarm clock + a Wi-Fi radio), this simplistic black box not only tells the time, but also streams in your favorite Pandora stations. Specs wise, it has an 8-watt Class D amplifier, a built-in battery, the ability to be powered from six AA batteries, and access to over 17,000 radio stations, 20,000 plus on-demand programs, and over 35,000 podcasts.

The box can also stream wirelessly from your Mac or PC, but the $169 price tag seems a bit steep unless you plan on listening to it nightly.

Grace Digital Audio Delivers Thousands of Stations and Rich Sound Quality with the Allegro Wi-Fi Internet Radio & Streamer

With unique features including a built in recharging circuit, 5 function alarm clock, and a remote with Pandora controls, Allegro is at home on the nightstand or in the backyard

San Diego, Calif. - (April 6, 2010) – Grace Digital Audio, a leading brand of wireless indoor & outdoor audio solutions, is pleased to announce the addition of the Allegro Portable Wireless Radio & Streamer to their line of internet radios. With Pandora recently topping 50 million registered users and millions of internet radio users worldwide, the demand for a high quality, easy-to-use and affordable internet radio is at an all-time high. Available now at, Allegro provides a superior sound quality with easy access to thousands of radio stations, on-demand programs, and podcasts around the world.

Utilizing a Class D 8 watt digital amplifier, Allegro produces a sound quality that delivers a superior audio experience indoors and out. Grace Digital Audio’s unique triple power option includes a built in battery recharging circuit, allowing users to power Allegro with an AC adapter, 6 regular AA or rechargeable batteries. Allegro can recharge batteries while still in the unit, eliminating the hassle of moving batteries to a separate charger.  Other internet radios use regular batteries or strictly an AC adapter, which can become costly and greatly limits portability.

Allegro provides access to over 17,000 radio stations, 20,000 plus on-demand programs, and over 35,000 podcasts. Compatible with Pandora Radio, Sirius, MP3tunes,, Aupeo!, and blogtalkradio, Allegro is connected to radio programs all over the world. Using the Allegro’s full function remote or the easy access top panel controls, navigating the radio world is easy. The 4 line backlight display allows you to conveniently browse all the music options by region, country, station, or choose from over 50 musical genres. Users can also stream their personal music collection straight to Allegro wirelessly from a PC or Mac. Equipped with a 5 function alarm clock and a conveniently large snooze button, Allegro functions just as well on the nightstand as it does in the backyard.

Allegro Wi-Fi Radio features include:

•    Access to over 17,000 radio stations, 20,000 on-demand programs, and over 35,000 podcasts
•    Equipped with it’s own battery recharging circuit, the Allegro’s triple power option allows use of AC adapter, 6 AA regular or rechargeable batteries
•    Class D digital amplifier and rear ported full range speaker provides superior audio quality
•    10 station presets, up to 100 saved favorites, displays song/artist info, alarm clock radio, and remote control with Pandora controls
•    Wirelessly stream music and stored audio files from your PC or Mac
Now shipping, Allegro is available for $169.00 at and various retailers throughout the U.S.

Grace Digital Audio’s Chief Marketing Officer, Greg Fadul, believes sound quality and innovative power options set Allegro apart from its competitors.  “Allegro’s Class D amplifier delivers a sound experience you’re just not going to find in comparable internet radios and our built in recharging circuit makes it affordable and convenient to run the radio without the restrictions of a cord. For only $169.00 you can’t beat Allegro’s listening options, portability, and sound quality.”

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This is cool streaming wireless, just wonder how it sounds quality wise. The article states for $169 you cannot beat Allegro's listening options, portability, and sound quality. They sound confident in their product that's always good.

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I agree la_guy not only is this interesting I can definitely see the place for it in the market. Remember "the internet will change the world", were part of the way there. Right now this fit's completely to me. Radio in your car through cellular wifi why not it is built into new cars now, not to mention the smart phones, we watch TV shows on the net they are just not initially programmed that way "YET"! I see all media being delivered wirelessly through the net probably in less than 5 years now. It may take a little longer but I doubt 10. That's because technology moves so fast now it changes everything. How much you wanna bet in 2 years 8-more core processors are the market norm! Think about it an 8 core processor will be the norm very shortly, so my desktop runs as a wireless home server on one core for home multichannel stereo, 1 for the home alarm system, 1 to control the home robots like the Roomba and robomaid, 1 for the kitchen aplliances, one for TV. All these things split and broadcast to any device that can recieve in my house, and all phones operate world wide on satellite tower cellular.

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You are exactly correct rapid1 the internet is the future and streaming audio and video is where the net is heading for sure. I read where Blockbuster was closing hundreds of stores, I knew right away it was because of digital media. Hulu and Youtube and sites like these will be the new pay per view. I also see a day where the HTPC will be the norm in every home and yes you are also correct on the processor front Intel and AMD are not increasing the core count just to 1 up each other, they are well aware what is in the pipeline as they are called upon first to develop the hardware to run these devices and hardware and such. More and more new homes will be integrated with wireless technology where each core will handle a specific task. Good to have an intelligent conversation with you bro, take care.

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I wonder about the sound quality too. Can you hook up to external speakers? And can you port it into an existing stereo system with stereo RCA jacks?

I've been known to take the XM radio in it's home cradle out into the back yard and hook it up to my JBL Creature-II 2.1 speakers while I cook steaks and such.

I also have a whole house FM stereo transmitter that broadcasts whatever I connect to it at a 150 foot range.

While I like the looks of this Allegro Radio, I think that I already have all of it's capabilities on hand in a less elegant package.

I went to their website and checked out all of their other stuff and I must say that they sell an impressive collection of radios.

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Next up....WiFi Coffee maker :P

G4 oven, that way you can turn on your oven on your way home.

Internet connected toilet so you can surf the web on the throne :)

Oh wait? Thats Japan :)

I still dont understand this trend. It is kinda like the comapnies just want to increase their production costs so they can complain about profit and send jobs overseas. All by installing unnescessary compnents into everything.

I thought this is what Blutooth was supposed to solve. It would be easier to have everything connected to the base PC trough BT, that way it can control everything from VIOP, to ISP while you P. :P

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