Google to Kill Support for Internet Explorer 8 on November 15

Effective in about two months from now, Google will stop supporting Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) browser. Not for search, mind you, but online apps and services will no longer work on IE8 once Google flips the switch on November 15, 2012.

"Internet Explorer 10 launches on 10/26/2012, and as a result, we will discontinue support for Internet Explorer 8 shortly afterwards, on 11/15/2012. After this date users accessing Google Apps services using Internet Explorer 8 will see a message recommending that they upgrade their browser," Google stated in a blog post.

Internet Explorer 8

Google isn't picking on IE users. The search giant explains that it's policy is to support the current and prior major releases of Firefox, IE, and Safari on a rolling basis, so when each new (major) browser version is released, it begins supporting the updated build and stops supporting the third oldest one.

Microsoft released IE8 around three and a half years ago, though it's still a bold move by Google. Why? Well, according to stats by Net Applications, IE8 is the most used browser on the planet with a 25.27 share of the worldwide browser market. Google's effectively cutting off the largest userbase out there.
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omegadraco 2 years ago

So basically anyone who is using anything older than Windows Vista will have to use Chrome, Opera, or Firefox.

sevags 2 years ago

Omegadraco, did you even read the article or just the headline?

They will will be supporting ALL the major browsers including IE. They will not be supporting anything but the two newest versions of ANY browser including Firefox and Opera (not sure if they would actually take this route with their own chrome). IE is just next in line to update their browser hence this article.

This really is a pointless article though I don't see the relevance to anyone not even as news. It would also have been better to report the new support scheme google has for all browsers and just mention how IE is the first in this lineup due to IE10 arriving.

omegadraco 2 years ago

Yes, I did read the article... IE 9+ is not available for Windows XP (granted it is EoL) but you can get a recent version of firefox etc. for the operating system.

fat78 2 years ago

I stopped caring about internet explorer a long time ago. The first thing i do when i use a computer with internet explorer is change it to chrome if i can.

CDeeter 2 years ago

Lol it seems Google just did Microsoft a solid by putting another nail in XP's coffin. MS has been trying to get people to move on from XP for years now.

Or they could just switch browsers =P

elfsun 2 years ago

IE8 works very well in XP.If I change a browser,I will use meither chrome nor friefox,but the Avant browser which has ie/friefoxchrome three engines.

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