Google Promo Video Gives a Taste of Honeycomb

Honeycomb, or Android 3.0, is to be the first tablet-optimized Android version, and not that much is known about it, although rumors of higher hardware requirements are rumbling. However, Google has gone and posted a teaser video on Honeycomb, pre-CES, so come one, come all, and take a look.

The fact that they use the phrase "Built Entirely For Tablet" means, as some have surmised, that you won't see Honeycomb on a smartphone. The video shows that Honeycomb has a revised UI, which carries over many of the changes from Gingerbread, meaning a more polished, professional, and darker look.

YouTube gets a major upgrade, and Google Talk includes built-in video calling. Everything looks smooth, and yes, tablet-optimized. Video embedded in the sidebar; take a look, and when is that first Honeycomb tablet coming? Motorola Xoom date? Anyone?

Via:  Google
realneil 3 years ago

Cool Stuff. Will it work like that here in the backwoods?


inspector 3 years ago

Very nice interface, This video makes me think of tron :P

fat78 3 years ago

I think there needs to be a hothardware app on android. Haha

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