Google Maps Coordinate Brings Businesses Together On The Go

Google Maps needs no introduction. It's a hugely powerful tool, and while Latitude never really took off, the underlying idea was also a useful one. But now, Google's taking that same sort of thought and applying it to business. The company has just launched Google Maps Coordinate, which is a new way for Maps users to organize teams on the go. It's designed to improve communication between businesses and their employees in the field. When a business signs up for Google Maps Coordinate, they get access to the Google Maps Coordinate web and mobile apps. Once that's in place, employees in the field can download the mobile app to their phone. And then...
  •     Share real-time location. Google Maps Coordinate is built on Google’s mapping and geolocation infrastructure so the app will send an accurate location, even if you’re indoors (Google Maps Coordinate integrates with Google Indoor Maps).
  •     Record data.  Mobile teams often need to collect information while out in the field. Google Maps Coordinate allows the admin to customize the fields that the mobile team needs to capture and collect – from measurements to client contact details – directly in the app.

Meanwhile, a designated dispatcher back in the office can:
  •     Create teams. Add team members to a Google Maps Coordinate team and see their locations in the Google Maps Coordinate web and mobile app.  For example, our electric utility company might create a special team for home electricians and another for line repairers.
  •     Manage jobs. Easily create jobs, precisely locate the job, assign the job to the nearest team member and notify them instantly.  The next time there is a downed powerline, the operator at the utility company will have no problem identifying the closest team member and assigning them to investigate the issue.  
  •     View past jobs and locations. Get the hard data needed to make strong business decisions. With Google Maps Coordinate, businesses can easily visualize the locations of all their jobs and teams, including current and past jobs.  Businesses can assess where they should be assigning or hiring more workers and how to optimally place their teams.
Any business can sign up for Google Maps Coordinate, but you'll need to ping Google for pricing.

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seed1973 2 years ago

As mentioned before, the team leader can use Google Maps Coordinate to create input fields for their mobile employees, such as the time of arrival and details of the visit itself. From the field, employees can fill out these customized fields directly in the app, and it's immediately synched across all devices so the home base knows exactly what you're doing in real-time.

rapid1 2 years ago

I have not yet used this part of Google MAPS as of course it is new. I do use Google navigator (a part of maps) exclusively though as it is super easy to use and always gets me wherever I want to go whether it is personal or business (mainly business). Android on my smart phone knows my voice flawlessly now all I have to do is tap the microphone and tell it where I want to go and it is up in a few seconds accurate and reliable.

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