Google Community Forums Erupt In Outrage For Forced Youtube and Google + Integration

When Google made the seemingly inevitable move of merging YouTube and Google+ accounts together, it seemed that much of the Web was displeased. Out of nowhere, people began losing their usernames, replacing them instead with their real names. Anonymity was out the window, unless you were willing to sign up for a new account and effectively lose everything you've done on the previous one.

Last week, YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim spoke out about Google's decision, stating: "Why the [bleep] do I need a Google+ account to comment on a video?" That might be a less than eloquently stated, but it's hard to disagree. Even websites that give the option nowadays to sign in via Facebook, Twitter and so forth, still give the option to sign up for a unique account specific to that site.

Google's motive is of course to improve G+ usage, something that it seems it has to force on people in order to make it happen. One might be led to believe that if Google has to go to such lengths, then it's a lost cause, but the company clearly sees things differently.

I have to admit that at first, I liked the idea of using real names on services like YouTube, with the sole reason being "trolls". YouTube's comment sections are the breeding ground of trolls and generally the worst kinds of people you'll come across. By forcing people to use their real names, however, troll or hate-filled comments are without question going to be cut down.

Since the change, I have seen a bit of a decline with such comments, but they're hardly gone entirely. What's unfortunate, is that because of Google's decision, people who might be entirely upstanding are forced to forego their nickname for their real one.

Over the weekend, one Redditor rather brilliantly said: "I have built up a small following on YouTube and I prefer to keep that persona as-is. I don’t want those followers peeking into my personal life. That’s the beauty of it, I COULD have a second identity."

While I don't think people should create a fake identity just for the sake of trolling, it does make a lot of sense that you wouldn't want people having such easy access to your real-life profile. These are online forums, after all, not the local gathering place where you might actually strike up a friendship. Above, I mentioned YouTube's comments sections are some of the worst around - would you really want those commenters to have such easy access to your social networking profile? I'm thinking not.

At this point, it seems highly unlikely that Google will backtrack on its account merging decision, but that hasn't stopped thousands of people from taking to Google's product forums to voice their displeasure. This is a perfect example of what can happen when Google makes a move that it wants to make - not one that its users want it to make. But when you are such an enormous power, operating some of the biggest Web services in the world, it looks like you can begin to care less about what your customers want.

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DanielHansen one year ago

I just can't believe that this was done purely to help out comment quality. I still see tons of people being rude with real names or new made up names. All this seems to do is pad Googles active Google+ userbase which is really detestable imo. If they wanted good comments they should weight things more like Reddit does. You'll never have a perfect solution but if you weight stuff properly or at least give options of sorting (hot/new/controversial etc...) you'll have a better solution and people won't hate you.

In the end Google+ could be a good product but because of how they've time and again tried to force users into it I just hate it and I'm working on ridding myself of any google products that try to force me into it.

DavidGreer one year ago

This has got the to be the single biggest pile of shite I have even seen on the internet in years. It looks like crap and It's really hard to follow who you are talking to in a thread. I feel b ad for all these people who have built their channels up and now they've took a massive hit overnight.

Sevags one year ago

I'm so glad I use YouTube for just viewing rather than posting vids or commenting. This still won't get me to use google+. Don't they understand that there are some of us who don't want any social media account therefor no social media integration.

Dave_HH one year ago

I hate to jump in here and rail but I have to vent. Google is a company full of ridiculously smart people so they'll digest all this and eventually do what's right I feel.

That said, Google FINALLY made vanity URLs available for businesses on G+ now. So, we can have a URL... well we could, IF Google did decide to hard set "pre-approved" URLs to whatever your Youtube channel name is. So, we'd have to be - WHICH of course is stupid and doesn't work for the G+ page. And no, you can't request a change or modify it. You get one G+ vanity URL right now, and it's the name of your YOUTUBE channel. Ughh.. hello? Who was the Einstein that made this so??

RWilliams one year ago

That latter point has been one of major frustration for a lot of people using Google's services. A lot of people who now make their living off of YouTube (but didn't intend to originally) are stuck with their original lame name. You'd think they'd even offer a paid service to change the name or something... but nope.

lakawak one year ago

And why does it matter? Are you really that concerned with reaching the 3 people that used Google+ that don't use Facebook? And I suspect I am being generous with that estimate.

digitaldd one year ago

As long as I can just cancel the login and still do what I want to i don't care. if they require me to login to search, play a video or view content then I become angry.

I am annoying that Google Chrome on multiple devices constantly requests that i login and ever time a youtube app updates on my phone/tablet it tries to log me into an non-existent youtube account.  Once again as long as I can cancel that its all good.


lakawak one year ago

You have only seen a decline in such comments because there is a huge decline in ALL comments. Percentage-wise, it is the same.

Why? Because only a complete idiot or Google Shill thinks that the change was done to improve comments. Googler does not give a flying fu*k about the quality of the comments. This was done SOLELY to prop up their failing Google+. No other reason.

Joel H one year ago

Every time Google makes a change like this, it nudges me one step closer to canceling Gmail and killing my use of all Google services. I'm not kidding. I'm utterly tired of it.

If I wanted to use G+, I'd use G+. I don't. Not even a little.

DanielHansen one year ago

I miss the "don't be evil" Google. They still do some amazing things but they finally drove me away and the competition isn't bad. Bing is pretty good, makes it so I don't miss gmail at all (way clean), there are tons of storage solutions (I use skydrive), and either iOS or WP can be good alternative mobile phones.

Even with the alternatives being good, it's still sad that I feel angry when I use a google service like Youtube (which there isn't an alternative for yet). It shouldn't be like that.

Joel H one year ago

Bing, IMO, just never offers as good a results as Google for most of my searches. I am at something of a loss as to why this is, but I've tested it before. I've even taken the BingItOn challenge.

I'm just tired of the G+ push. I don't want it. I had no problem with Google doing their own social network, fine, but I try to limit my FB time, period. The last thing I need is another social network trying to suck me in. They've killed several products I did use in the past 18 months and continue trying to shove me towards others I just don't want.

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