Galaxy S Receives Unofficial Gingerbread Build

The Samsung Nexus S is no longer the only device to sport Android 2.3 (Gingerbread). It remains the only device to carry the latest Android officially, but the Samsung Galaxy S now has an unofficial build, thanks to the hard work of xda-developers.

Some functions like voice (oops), wi-fi, camera and GPS aren't working. Thus, unless you want to experiment, there's no reason to upgrade yet. However, given the way the folks at xda do things, and considering this is a stock Android build and the Galaxy S and Nexus S are brethren, we would expect that they can iron out all the problems in short order.

Watch the Gingerbread action below.

RMedley 4 years ago

This is really not to surprising. The Nexus is basically a Galaxy S with Gingerbread built in from retail. The hardware from what I have heard is exactly the same. I was actually looking at this phone on At&t yesterday as a factory refurbish for $9.99. Of course I owned the Epic version of it on SPRINT, but there service at my house was non-existent.. I will say one thing about it definitely though I loved the device most definitely. If Sprint had even decent service at my house (I could connect to Wimax at the end of the street, and not even 2g at home kind of annoying) I would have kept it just for the device. With Gingerbread I am sure it is incredible.

schmich 4 years ago

Not exactly the same. Nexus S uses iNAND whilst Galaxy S uses MoviNAND. Cameras are different, Galaxy S doesn't have a gyroscope etc.

PCMaster160 4 years ago
Have you guys seen the new gingerbread launcher app? i don't know how much it resembles the real launcher but its actually byfar the best launcher yet. I also heard the new keyboard is great even better than swype
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