Facebook Rolls Out First Facebook Home TV Ad, Software For People, Not Hardware

Strange. Bizarre. Odd. Unique. All of those words could be used to describe Facebook's newest advertisement, but "attention-getting" would work as well. Shortly after introducing the HTC First and Facebook Home, the social networking giant is engaging in an advertising blitz across many of the major networks. Aside from being downright curious (and perhaps even uncomfortable), it highlights a trend that's actually pretty important: technology is becoming less and less about hardware, and more about software and the overall experience.

While the HTC First is mentioned at the end, the ad in general focuses intently on the experience. If Facebook is your first stop each morning and your final stop before bed, this ad showcases an experience tailored for you -- specifications be darned. It's even more interesting that Android really isn't mentioned, and while Facebook Home wouldn't have a home if Android didn't exist, one has to wonder if Google will continue to be cooperative in the relationship. After all, it's got Google+ to push.

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AKnudson one year ago

That app?/OS? actually looks really awesome. i don't use Facebook all that often once a week or less is all and still i would possibly use it a whole lot more if this software was available on my Nexus 4.

The ad is actually kinda charming in a strange way, the guys in the overhead compartment was a poor start and the oddly Tranny-looking dancers wierded me out but i kinda like the ad.

rapid1 one year ago

Hmm have we not heard about this twice before now with it never becoming true. Of course not that it really matters as I would not get a phone because of Facebook especially since it is already available for any platform anyways

EiyonCloudsun one year ago

nothing new, not captivating our nano nerve.

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