Don't Have Any Easter Plans? Play Star Wars: The Old Republic for Free!

If you're not doing anything on Easter weekend, or simply need to take a break from the in-laws who made a surprise visit, you can immerse yourself into Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR from here on out) absolutely free of charge until Monday, April 9 at 2:00AM CDT (7:00AM GMT).

It's a 'Weekend Pass Free Trial' being offered by Electronic Arts and Bioware, and it's actually been going on since Thursday. Our apologies for tje semi-late heads up, but hey, that still gives you all of today and tomorrow to check out the MMO in depth.

There's no payment or credit card required to join the free trial, and if you end up getting hooked, you can purchase the game afterwards and continuing questing Star Wars style with your trial character. It's $60 MSRP for the game (around $45 street) or $150 for the Collector's Edition. Monthly subscriptions run anywhere from $13 to $15, depending on far in advance you prepay.

Claim your free pass here (related FAQ can be found here).
fat78 2 years ago

I have been enjoying this game alot with a few of my buddies. The lore in this game is just amazing.

Only thing i dont like is the softness of pvp healers.

This being a tech website it might not matter, but this game takes a decent computer to run and two of my friends reported having trouble running the game with 32bit windows (not sure if they fixed it).

Dave_HH 2 years ago

Yes, I've seen issues with the game as well but I've heard it's relative to integrated sound drivers perhaps. Great game though. Lot's of fun.

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