Digital Storm Announces Sub-Zero Liquid Chilled System

Digital Storm introduced the Sub-Zero Liquid Chilled System. The Sub-Zero Liquid Chilled System delivers more performance and power for enthusiasts and hardcore gamers. This new system enables you to overclock Intel’s i7-980X CPU up to 4.6GHz while idling the processor below 0ºC. A series of TEC peltier coolers work in conjunction with other high-end liquid cooling components to keep the system cool and maximize system performance. The base configuration for the Sub-Zero Liquid Chilled System configuration starts at $3,899.

Digital Storm Debuts Sub-Zero Liquid Chilled System

Innovatively designed cooling apparatus pumps a deluge of below 0ºC freezing liquid enabling overclocks of 4.6GHz & beyond

Fremont, Calif. - (November 22, 2010) – Digital Storm, the predominant name in computer system integration and engineering, proudly debuts the Formula 1 of high-performance computing: the Sub-Zero Liquid Chilled System. With this new system, Digital Storm offers an unrivalled PC gaming experience that unlocks overclocks of Intel’s i7-980X CPU up to 4.6GHz, while idling the processor below 0ºC.

Sub-Zero Liquid Chilled System

The Sub-Zero Liquid Chilled System delivers freezing liquid to the CPU, completely smothering any heat it encounters. Designed and tested over months of research by the industry’s most performance focused engineering team, the Sub-Zero Liquid Chilled System is specifically designed for enthusiasts and hardcore gamers who are driven by the pursuit of more performance and power.

At the core of the Sub-Zero is a series of TEC peltier coolers that work in conjunction with other high-end liquid cooling components. Previously, enthusiasts were relegated to bulky phase change systems to achieve radically low temperatures to maximize performance. Now enthusiasts can achieve unmatched overclocking potential with increased reliability since the core of Digital Storm’s Sub-Zero Liquid Chilled System has no moving parts.

“The R&D conducted on this liquid chilled system has been the most labor intensive, but rewarding initiatives ever attempted by our engineers,” commented Rajeev Kuruppu, Digital Storm’s Director of Product Development. “With constant innovation happening in the hardware space, the demands on our engineers to design systems that optimize these components are unyielding. The Hailstorm gaming computer with the new Sub-Zero Liquid Chilled System fully maximizes the potential for each component like no other system we’ve ever built.”

Digital Storm’s Hailstorm gaming PC with the Sub-Zero Liquid Chilled System is available for purchase at The base configuration for the Sub-Zero Liquid Chilled System configuration has a starting price of $3,899.

To see a video of Digital Storm’s Hailstorm gaming PC with the Sub-Zero Liquid Chilled System, click on the following link:

Digital Storm Sub-Zero Liquid Chilled HailStorm Technical Specifications

inspector 4 years ago

WOW, HH has to get one of these for a sweepstakes O.o lol

realneil 4 years ago

[quote user="Inspector"]WOW, HH has to get one of these for a sweepstakes O.o lol[/quote]

I second that emotion,................


fat78 4 years ago

i have a few questions

How did they over come condensation on the heat sinks?

What are they pumping though the pipes?

Is there a compressor in this rig?

lifeskills 4 years ago


Dave_HH 4 years ago

3X580s in SLI... yowza. I may ping these guys for a review unit.

MrBrownSound 4 years ago

This makes my liquid cooling look like a joke. Great job Digital storm.

inspector 4 years ago

Dave, then keep it for a sweepstakes? xD I still never found out what u guys do with your review units... Do u ship it back, sell it ??? Cause it definitely doesn't go up for a sweepstakes xD

lifeskills 4 years ago

please do dave, i'm dying to see how they get those temps

der meister 4 years ago

Impressive how does it achieve 0C?

infinityzen1 4 years ago

This system works much the same as BeCools TEC/Liquid cooling hybrid devices. The TECs cool the liquid in the loop, while the radiator cools the TECs. These types of cooling systems have been in use for a while, since they get around several of the problems from direct TEC cooling.

I will give it to them in that instead of a sealed system, their design uses high quality water cooling parts while replacing the radiator with the TEC/radiator hybrid. I would go so far as to say they compete with Danger Den on fittings and blocks. Don't know about their pumps though.

Der Meister 4 years ago

Any ideas if any one makes a Good stand alone unit for those of use with custom loops. I did a quick google but nothing of interest came up. 

InfinityzeN1 4 years ago

Your looking for a "slush box" Meister.  I would actually suggest going with phase change (putting the evaporator into the reservior) and not even looking at a radiator.  Much more efficent.

SammyHayabuza 4 years ago

3DMark 11 , Bring it On !!!!!!

FreeJet 4 years ago


MrBrownSound 4 years ago

Forget a contest, I'd be happy from just seeing a in dept review of it.

Bodego Jackson 4 years ago

Another amazing PC from Digital Storm, the red color of the cooling system make it looks awesome.

transam02 4 years ago

Very nice. That thing is a beast. Very clean on the inside and I like that case. Digital Storm has a top notch machine there.  

sKrappy 4 years ago

this is pretty amazing how did they do that

sKrappy 4 years ago

If anyone has any idea on how they did it i would love to read about it.

ZDidrihsons 4 years ago

And what about condensation?

realneil 4 years ago

[quote user="ZDidrihsons"]And what about condensation?[/quote]

There's three people with hair dryers pointed at it standing just out of the camera angle.


lifeskills 4 years ago

is this a TEC unit?  Lol, can't remember what my teacher called it, but this some art thing he did with a heatsink and some chip that makes frost when running.  The idea is when its on the snowman will continually get bigger, but the whole time he was showing us, All I could think about was cooling...  Anyone know what this is?

sKrappy 4 years ago

This would be interesting to read about as well

fat78 4 years ago

What class was that in?

I love when theres a problem that you dont know the answer to.

Maybe it forms by creating frost on the chip, then melting the frost and refreezing the it to form little snowflakes. Although i am completely guessing so i am probably way off.

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