Details Emerge on MSI's Upcoming Reflex Series Solid State Drives

Details Emerge on MSI's Upcoming Reflex Series Solid State Drives

Given that competition is helping to drive prices down, we're of the opinion that there can never be too many players in the solid state drive business, and a week ago we learned that MSI was getting ready to join the SSD party. It was LSI SandForce that originally spilled the beans by plastering MSI's name on a webpage that lists all SandForce-driven SSDs that currently exist or, in this care, are coming soon, but at the time, details were few and far between. Not anymore.

A website with a supposed "inside connection at MSI" posted what appear to be official specs for MSI's upcoming high-performance Reflex Series SSDs. If the information is accurate, MSI is planning to launch its Reflex line with three capacities: 60GB (RX-60), 120GB (RX-120), and 240GB (RX-240).

MSI Reflex Series SSD

All three are 2.5-inch form factor drives and ship with a 3.5-inch adapter bracket. Performance specs vary slightly by model and break down as follows:
  • RX-60: 525MB/s read, 495MB/s write, 85,000 IOPS (4KB random write)
  • RX-120: 550MB/s read, 515MB/s write, 90,000 IOPS (4KB random write)
  • RX-240: 560MB/s read, 525MB/s write, 90,000 IOPS (4KB random write)

A SandForce SF-2281 processor combined with a SATA 6Gbps interface gives these drives their performance punch. As for when they'll be released and for how much, those details are still unknown at this time.

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Hope to see them go for reasonable prices.

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I'm really glad to see the continued price drops on SSDs all across competitors. Alot of the big names like Corsair, OCZ, Kingston, etc just keep on dropping. Factor in some new competition and newer models it's really a great time to grab an SSD even if just for a boot volume.

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