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Dell Wyse Cloud Connect Puts an Android Thin Client PC on an HDMI Stick

Dell Wyse Cloud Connect Puts an Android Thin Client PC on an HDMI Stick

Looking to avoid the headaches often associated with setting up a thin client device? Dell may have the answer you're looking for. The company's Wyse Cloud Connect is an Android-powered thin client stick that's just a tad larger than a USB thumb drive. Just plug it into any Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL)-enabled HDMI port on a TV or monitor, sync up a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, and off you go.

"Easy to slip into your pocket or bag, it enables an HD-quality window to the cloud, great for meetings and presentations while on business travel, or for cruising the internet and checking email after a day of work," Dell explains.

Dell Wyse Cloud Connect

Dell's looking to promote bring-your-own-device (BYOD) environments. Using Wyse Cloud Connect, you can securely access and share work and personal files, presentations, applications, and other content from your business or home. By bringing Android into the mix, Dell makes it easy to jump in with support for triple play (voice, data, and video) for web browsing, social networking, media playback, and more.

The thin client stick not only allows access to thousands of apps through Google Play, it also comes pre-loaded with Dell Wyse PocketCloud software for remote access to physical or virtual desktops, apps, and content. Not bad for a $129 (MSRP) dongle.
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Currently, it seems hard to deliver good thin client performance over android platform, except for the temporary situation, such as meeting room. Of cause, it's the most simple way to build a thin client device based on smart-phone or pad hardware platform with android OS, but it can not show you as good performance as X86 platform. But if you combine a powerful Cortex A9 CPU with deeply optimized linux and remote desktop protocols, you can also achieve the WinTel performance. The J60 from

could show you the powerful arm-linux based thin client, which is built on the RockChip 3188 with 4-core 1.8GB Cortex A9 CPU platform without android system. BTW, there are many RockChip dongles , which could be transform to powerful thin client with the same firmware from

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