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Dell Crystal LCD Monitor, Launched

Dell Crystal LCD Monitor, Launched

Last year at CES in Las Vegas, Dell previewed a "concept" monitor that definitely pegged our collective geek-o-meters with its ultra-sleek, clear, tempered glass design and super-thin, clean profile.  Back then not much was known about this 22" panel that popped out of nowhere, nor did we get a sense for when or even if the product would actually see the light of day on the open market.  Now, just a few days before CES '08, this comes in from the smooth operators over at Dell...

The Dell Crystal, much like its name implies, is the latest in Dell display innovation - featuring a breathtakingly slim and stylish design. The 22" widescreen LCD panel is encased in 4mm premium grade ultra-clear tempered glass floating on a beautiful chrome-plated zinc alloy tripod stand. Elegant and simple down to its last detail, the Crystal's four integrated speakers and top webcam are connected by subtly embedded circuitry throughout the panel's slim glass. Not only beautiful, this display offers exceptional performance including:

    • WSXGA+ 1680 x 1050 resolution
    • TrueColor Technology with 98 percent color gamut (typical)
    • 2ms typical response time (grey to grey)
    • 2000:1 dynamic contrast ratio (typical)
    • HD connectivity with DVI / HDMI with HDCP, sub-woofer out, USB
    • 2.0 megapixel webcam with microphone "



                - Crafted from Premium-Grade 4mm Ultra-Clear Tempered Glass

- 22-inch Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor Blends Inspiring Design, Technical Innovation and Practical Functionality

- Speakers and Miniature Web Camera Incorporate Elegantly into a Slim LCD Form Factor with Single-Cable Connectivity

ROUND ROCK, Texas, Jan. 3, 2008 – Technophiles with an eye for beautiful design now have a clear choice in widescreen flat panel monitors – the Dell Crystal. The award-winning 22-inch LCD display, crafted from four millimeter ultra-clear tempered glass, offers an ingenious fusion of art, technology, sleek form and sophisticated function. Priced at $1,199, Crystal is available at

A spec sheet for the new Dell Crystal can be found, right here.

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i'll agree it looks pretty damn spiffy from the front (not so much from the side).  i don't see any stats on the speakers and i'm sure their integration will turn some audiophiles off.  also the lack of adjustability with the tripod base is a turn off.... and whats with the price?

 form over function i suppose

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its deffinetly attractive but its overall design isn't suited to a user such as myself...two of them on the desktop would look silly to be honest.

However, for many users out there this beautiful looking monitor would be a boon to say the least. Fully featured it covers alot of needs all in one go as far as items found on business/personal desks. I sense that corporate types will want this as it practically screams to them.

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It seems Dell is trying to attract the Apple crowd now. As ender said above, form over function certainly was the thought process here.

Curiously, the link to Dell's site is dead and they make no mention of it on as of this post.

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Hi All,

It does have a Mac look to it

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looking, though i don't see myself paying 1200 for a monitor that will sit on my 20$ desk, next to my 800$ computer.

just not happening

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