Dell Cancels Thin Notebook Flagship: Adamo XPS We Hardly Knew Ye

Not every high-end, haute couture product turns out to be a bestseller—even Steve Jobs had the Cube—but it's rather odd for a manufacturer to design, advertise, tease, and launch a product only to pull it off the market barely four months later. Nevertheless, that's the news from Dell on the Adamo XPS. The Adamo product line will continue but its 0.4" thick headline XPS system with a 128GB SSD and 4GB RAM as standard has been discontinued.

If it's odd for a company to launch a high-end product in November, make it readily available in December, and kill it in March, it's even stranger for company reps and retail partners like Best Buy to identify the Adamo XPS as discontinued while the PR division first argues that the system is available, only to switch gears and claim that the XPS version was actually a limited edition model meant as proof that Dell could build shiny, pretty computers. As Dell told CrunchGear: "It [Adamo XPS] has not been “discontinued” as such, but was meant to be a proof point to Dell’s design and engineer capabilities. Because of this, it was similar to a “limited edition”, and most of the original supply has since been accounted for."

Claiming that the Adamo XPS was a retrospective psuedo-'limited edition' is disingenuous. If a company intends to build an LE it'll always announce it first. A limited edition product is, by definition, scarce, and thereby commands a higher price. An expensive laptop is just an expensive laptop; an LE laptop with gold-plated keys, a mirror finish, and attached popcorn machine is something only a few people can own. The phrase is a marketing gimmick designed to sell you on the idea that because a product is harder to come by, it must be worth more money.

We don't have any inside information, but it's likely that the Adamo XPS was either on shaky ground before it launched or was killed before products even shipped out the door. Three months simply isn't enough time to evaluate consumer demand for a notebook design, particularly when said notebook is very late to the Christmas party and the economy is just beginning to recover from its biggest downturn in several decades.

No word yet on whether or not we'll see aspects of the Adamo XPS' design in future laptops or revived for a 32nm Core i3/i5.
Via:  CrunchGear
rapid1 4 years ago

This must have either one had a lot of issues, which were expensive to repair, or had no real market which I could easily see with the current state of the economy. Seems like a big loss to take though.

3vi1 4 years ago

I was thinking the same thing Rapid1. Either these things have a serious design flaw, or no one was buying them.

gibbersome 4 years ago

I'm not surprised. The two price cuts hinted that the Adamo XPS wasn't going to be making inroads into the ultra-portable laptop market. The Macbook Air still reigns surpreme.

rapid1 4 years ago

as for capabilities I imagine there the same or better. This item never had the publicity granted Apple by the iPhone. I hate to say it but a general user follows the crowd with no idea where there going. It is kind of like sheep, in a lot of way's As far as it goes until very recently the iPhone was also the best thing out there. In the near future a lot has been happening on the smartphone market everywhere, but Apple. That is an assumption to though. They are supposed to also introduce there iPhone 4 at the conference in may or June as well.

Either way all of this has focused a lot of attention on Apple, where until recently Dell has kind of been out of general conversation as well. So basically this product went unnoticed, and it was on a higher price line to (which I addressed with my recent economy comment), which hurts it being that Dell also has like 14 other laptops.

m-manla 4 years ago

It's not like the Macbook Air is a best seller either.

ttvinko 4 years ago

OH wow, I had never even heard of that before. I mean like really.



ClemSnide 4 years ago

I'm guessing that the case, which opens by what one reviewer could find no other words than "a gentle stroking motion" to describe, was causing problems. Perhaps they could release a -B version without that, using the traditional pry-it-open-like-a-clam method.

Case in point: My brother has a laptop with a partially bamboo case. It was supposed to be all-bamboo, but the manufacturer found (to their chagrin) that (a) bamboo doesn't dissipate heat that well and (b) that's important in a laptop. Still, the top is bamboo, and it looks nice.

xylem 4 years ago

Very sad to See a really good looking Mac Book Air competitor dead. But hey it was overpriced for it competition as well. so it OK.

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