D-Link Ships $130 Wireless-N PowerLine Router (DHP-1320)

Why buy a plain 'ole router when you can have this? D-Link's latest device is a whole lot of things in one, with the Wireless-N PowerLine Router (DHP-1320) handling both wireless Internet distribution and PowerLine networking. It's an IPv6-ready solution that merges PowerLine 200 Mbps technology with a Wireless-N router and Ethernet ports, giving users the ability to extend Internet over your home wiring network while also providing a new wireless access point. Having your cake and eating it too, it sounds like.

The DHP-1320 extends wired and wireless networks to all devices in the home, allowing your HDTV to be tapped in via a wired Ethernet connection that routes through your home's power network, yet giving your iPad on the couch a closer WAP to connect to. The unit has 3 Ethernet ports that plug right into your wall, and there's Wireless-N for fast HD media transfers over the way. The product is available now for $129.99, which is cheaper than buying both a high-end router and a PowerLine kit separately.

D-Link® Hybrid Wireless-N PowerLine Router Now Available

200 Mbps Combination Wi-Fi and PowerLine Router, Along with PowerLine Adapters and Switches, Enable Consumers to Work, Play, View, and Share Anywhere in the Home

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif. – March 2, 2011 – D-Link® today announced its Wireless-N PowerLine Router (DHP-1320), a combination networking solution for extending wired and wireless home networks throughout the house by tapping into a home’s electrical wiring, is now available. This combination IPv6-ready network solution merges PowerLine 200 Mbps technology with a Wireless-N router and Ethernet ports, offering consumers two connectivity options to extend home network coverage and enjoy high-bandwidth applications, including HD video content, multimedia, VoIP calls, and more.

“As the amount of high-bandwidth Internet-based content viewed and shared in today’s homes continues to grow exponentially, superior network coverage is essential,” said Daniel Kelley, associate vice president of consumer marketing, D-Link North America. “With this combination router and D-Link’s line of PowerLine accessory products, we’re able to provide consumers with a simple way to extend their networks into ‘dead zones’ where wireless coverage has previously been limited or spotty, such as a basement, an upstairs bedroom, or other hard to reach locations.”

Wired and Wireless Network Coverage Anywhere in the Home

The DHP-1320 extends wired and wireless networks to all devices in the home with optimal speed and bandwidth for a range of HD video-on-demand, gaming and other applications. Essentially turning a home’s existing electrical system into an Ethernet network, PowerLine’s extended coverage can be obtained without any drilling, difficult installation or messy cables. Simply plug the DHP-1320 into an electrical outlet and the technology distributes broadband to Internet-connected devices both wirelessly and through the electrical wiring in a home. D-Link® PowerLine adapters then plug into outlets anywhere in the home to extend wired coverage to additional rooms and devices where coverage is limited.

The DHP-1320 also provides IPv6 support, enabling consumers to future-proof their home networks for the next-generation of the Internet, ensuring connectivity with new wireless devices for years to come.

Additional features of the Hybrid Wireless-N PowerLine Router (DHP-1320) include:

·       HomePlug AV certified with up to 200Mbps throughput
·       Wireless N 300
·       3-Port 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet Ports
·       Wi-Fi® Protected Setup™ (WPS) for Simple Push-Button Wireless Network Configuration
·      Atheros Hy-Fi™ technology expands coverage, improves performance and simplifies network set up and management
·       Built-in QoS Engine Enhances Internet Experience
·       Supports Secure Wireless Encryption Using WPA™ or WPA2™
·       Supports 128-bit AES Encryption For PowerLine Network Security
·       PowerLine Sync Connection (ENY) Button
·       Plug & Play Installation

Also shipping are a number of 200 Mbps PowerLine accessory products, including the PowerLine AV 4-Port Switch, Wireless N Extender, and Network Starter Kit. Combining these products with the DHP-1320 allows consumer to create the ultimate wired and wireless home network.

Availability and Pricing

The DHP-1320 Hybrid Wireless-N PowerLine Router is now available throughout D-Link’s vast network of retail and e-tail outlets in North America, and at the company’s online store, http://www.dlinkshop.com, with an MSRP of $129.99.

The following 200 Mbps PowerLine products are also now available:

·       PowerLine AV 4-Port Switch (DHP-346AV); $99.99
·       PowerLine AV Wireless N Extender (DHP-W306AV); $119.99
·       PowerLine AV Network Starter Kit (DHP-307AV); $139.99

Via:  D-Link
realneil 3 years ago

Nice idea. Maybe a review of this is in order?

Super Dave 3 years ago

I'll second Neil's motion - let's see how this contraption performs!

rapid1 3 years ago

Yeah I will third that, I would like to see a review on something like this. It would seem a great way to provide a total home network centralization to me. However; I have often been confused about one thing with power line network configurations, that would be what happens to brown outs/Black outs etc, and what happens if lightning or a major surge hits your house as well?

It would really seem to me that is makes you really vulnerable. I mean everyone uses grounded power strip's for two reason, one it gives you more outlets, but two it provides all your equipment with protection as well. With power line networking it seems you'd be very vulnerable to all of these things. This would also extend that because everything networked would be not only vulnerable through the power outlet, but also through the network outlet plugged into this type of network traffic.

Generally this would be ALL the most expensive equipment in your house would it not, at least if your house was networked through the power line, as well as powered through it to.

coolice 3 years ago


Ohh, are we not playing the comment game? oops

adapiz 3 years ago

I really like this type of application since my router is set up at one end of my home and getting signal on the other end is a big issue. With this I dont nessesarily have to invest into bridging 2 routers together to get even reception across my home.

Good idea overall.

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