Commodore's Revamped C64 Replicas to Ship This Week

Commodore USA LLC promised a working C64 replica (with modern internals) by "late spring," but despite a tie-in with Tron: Legacy, nothing has shipped yet. However, in a YouTube post (somewhat less obvious that a press release, guys) the company has promised pre-orders will begin shipping this week.

Commodore USA posted the video, which shows their Florida facilities, on Friday, June 17. It's just a montage, really, but the post with the video at YouTube's site has the important info: shipping of pre-orders begin this week.

Pricing ranges all the way from $250 (for a pretty much empty chassis) to $895.

The C64 will sport a mini-ITX PC motherboard featuring a dual-core D525 Atom CPU (1.8Ghz) and an NVIDIA Ion2 graphics chipset. Storage ranges as high as a 1TB hard drive, with RAM starting at 2GB (4GB is an option). The C64 can have either a slot-load DVD, tray-load DVD, or Blu-ray.

No Windows, though, at least as shipped. The system will come with Ubuntu 10.04 LTS on CD, ready to install, and Commodore OS 1.0, along with emulation functionality and a classic game package, will be mailed to purchasers when available. Windows can be installed by end users, themselves.

Watch the latest video, below, along with the earlier cross-promotional video.

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omegadraco 3 years ago

I find it a bit crazy that anyone would want to spend this kind of money on something like this. Personally I would rather have an original Commodore 64 which I have found for as little as $10 at tag sales...

inspector 3 years ago

Thing is Draco, you get more modern use for it :D lol. But ya its point less, but for those that love the old tech feel and people much like us here... wouldn't mind having one around the house :)

omegadraco 3 years ago

I know what you mean inspector but for the cost I think I might have a bit more fun modding an old machine myself.

animatortom 3 years ago

This will most likely just be a novelty?

Like those new twenty dollar Atari re-po joysticks/emulators you can get @ wallsmart that look cool on your coffee table:P

Lamar Kropf 3 years ago

This is for old cogers who miss their old Commodore and can't find one anywhere. Now they can have their precious memories back, howbeit modernized.

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