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Buying Online Eases Recall Worries

Buying Online Eases Recall Worries

The sheer number of recalls for Chinese toys has placed a burden not just on retailers and toy companies, but on consumers as well. Parents have quite a long list to go over if they want to be sure the toys they have purchased for their children are safe.  But online toy companies are making things easier on parents.

Online stores -- like, and -- are taking the sting out of the recent run of recalls by sending e-mail notices to customers who bought an affected item on their sites.

The notices point out exactly what the product is, when it was purchased and offer detailed online information about the recall and what a consumer should do with the affected item.

This is great, but buying from an online retailer may take part of the fun out of being a parent and buying toys for your kids - being able to play with the toys and trying them before buying.
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Let's be honest, the drive for the lowest possible price has resulted in us "getting what we pay for." In this case, buying from a country with rather slipshod safety practices. Despite what the Chinese government may SEEM to do or say, you can bet safety hasn't been on the top of its list. You can see that just by tracking stories about safety problems WITHIN China.

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