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Blockbuster To Bust Apple TV?

Blockbuster To Bust Apple TV?

When Apple formally announced plans for an iTunes rental service it was only inevitable that a conflict between Blockbuster and Apple was to occur.  We weren’t entirely sure how this conflict was going to be waged, but now things are becoming clearer:  Blockbuster is developing a set-top box to compete with the Apple TV.

“The product would be an offshoot of Movielink, the online film service Blockbuster acquired last year that allows consumers to watch films licensed from the major studios on their PCs.

Delivering movies to TV might be the most audacious attempt yet that Blockbuster is making to reinvent its brand as digital delivery weakens the viability of its retail footprint.  But by offering a home-based alternative to its stores, Blockbuster risks cannibalizing its core brick-and-mortar business in the hope that its brand will be a force online.”

An imminent power struggle for digital delivery might be interesting.  We hope Blockbuster will bring something interesting to the table.
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Apple TV hasn't been doing to well, so on the one hand Blockbuster have a good chance to take control here.  But on the other hand, they probably won't do to well here either.  Blockbuster's name will help sales, but Apple's name didn't help them that much, did it?  People don't want to pay high prices for limitted time movie rentals that you have to wait to download.  I don't think these downloadable movie services will succeed until it's not renting but actually owning. 

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