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Best Buy Chief Abruptly Resigns Amid "Personal Conduct" Probe

Best Buy Chief Abruptly Resigns Amid "Personal Conduct" Probe

In what is being deemed as a "leadership transition," Brian Dunn has stepped down as chief executive officer and director of Best Buy. Director G. Mike Mikan will assume the role as CEO on an interim basis until a permanent replacement is found, Best Buy announced.

"There were no disagreements between Mr. Dunn and the company on any matter relating to operations, financial controls, policies, or procedures," Best Buy said. "There was mutual agreement that it was time for new leadership to address the challenges that face the company."

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News of Dunn's departure can't come as a shocker to anyone who's been paying attention to Best Buy's struggles as of late. The electronics chain announced less than two weeks ago plans to close 50 big-box brick-and-mortar stores and open less expensive mobile outlets, a move that would eliminate 400 positions and save the company $800 million by fiscal 2015. But is there more to the story?

"Certain issues were brought to the board's attention regarding Mr. Dunn's personal conduct, unrelated to the company's operations or financial controls, and an audit committee investigation was initiated," Best Buy said in a statement, according to The Wall Street Journal. "Prior to the completion of the investigation, Mr. Dunn chose to resign."

Best Buy didn't say specifically why or how long it was investigating Mr. Dunn, who started off as a store salesman nearly three decades ago and worked his up to CEO in 2009. He was just the third CEO in Best Buy's history, WSJ reports.
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My local Best buy had like 30 display boxes for Windows 7 Home yadayada on display. When I swallowed the bitter pill to ask them for a copy for my son's gaming rig, they spent fifteen minutes in the back determining that they had *zero* copies of anything but Ultimate in stock.

"No thanks, I'm going to drive the extra 15 minutes to Fry's - where they put the actual product on the shelf and know when they're out."

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Fry's will price match newegg and's worth the extra 15 minutes!

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When I swallowed the bitter pill to ask them for a copy for my son's gaming rig

LOL - Hell must be freezing over!Big Smile


But yeah, as long as I have Fry's and NewEgg I'm good.

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>> LOL - Hell must be freezing over!

I probably wouldn't dislike MS and Windows so much if I wasn't intimately familiar with their products as a user. :) But, yeah you should have seen me: "Son, this is absolutely against everything I stand for..." but I bought it for him anyway because his XP install had developed a corruption of the system32 directory and he had just gotten nominated by a teacher for some award at his school for a random act of kindness. And, by perfect storm - the drive I had backed his system up to last had bad blocks.

So I brought Win7 home, booted the installer, deleted his corrupt XP partition, created a new one, and.... it refused to install. It gave me a very non-informational "Unable to Create a New System Partition" error.

I rebooted to the Ubuntu partition and searched the internet....

It turns out that Win7 is incapable of installing correctly to a partition on the second drive. I opened the machine up and disconnected the first hard drive. THEN, Windows 7 would proceed to install.

3 reboots later... (Seriously? We're still required to reboot, and reboot multiple times, during Windows installs?)... His system was installed... and showing a screen in the worst resolution possible.

It didn't recognize his 465GTX video card. Also, it didn't recognize the wireless PCI card... nor the wireless USB card... nor his sound (all of which Linux had recognized with no problem).

I reconnected the second drive, booted Linux and ran update-grub (which found Win7 and updated the boot menus), then used Linux to download all the drivers that his Windows install was lacking.

Long story short, I got Win7 hoping it would "just work" versus having to manually download a bunch of XP drivers - but found Win7 was comically behind Ubuntu at recognizing the hardware.

So now he can play his games, and I'm on my anti-MS tirade harder than ever.

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Agree with all above, Fry's or Newegg.....never Best Buy. And verrryyy rarely Wal-Mart for the non-essential electronic items(only b/c i work there and the discount is nice for some items) Too bad the only Fry's near me is a good 45 mins away. :-(

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