Batman Arkham City Review, DX11 Explored

Batman: Arkham Asylum was one of the top hits of 2009... The best news about Batman: Arkham City is that it's a sequel that lives up to and even surpasses the original. AC's virtual world is roughly 5x larger than the environments of Arkham Asylum, but much smaller than a full-scale implementation of Gotham would've been.

Arkham City is a great game, period. It neatly refines, improves, and extends the original concepts; it's clear that the developers took the source material and elements seriously and set out to build a work of art. They did so. By all rights, Batman: Arkham City is Game of the Year material.

Unfortunately, what should have been a great experience has been substantially diluted by myriad delays, buggy launches, and continuing problems...

Batman Arkham City Review, DX11 Explored

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ajm135 3 years ago

Such an awesome game

MayhemMatthew 3 years ago

I still have an issue where the sound goes out of sync and I have to exit the game to fix it. Well, I had it two weeks ago, Ive been too busy to actually play.

Der Meister 3 years ago

Dx11 seems to be a big problem with a number of games these days. Still a sweet game though. 

AKnudson 3 years ago

This looks like an amazing game, if the creators can get it working properly we may see a revival of the super hero oriented games.

ESix 3 years ago

This game is amazing.. seriously..

AKwyn 3 years ago

I honestly don't know why game developers continue to use DX11 when they don't use it in a beneficial way; I mean the only game I've seen that uses DX11 well is the Unigine Heaven Benchmark and Crysis 2, even if it was done in a half-assed way; I mean those games make good usage of the tessellation and the computational shaders available to them. I don't know why more game's can't take more advantage of DX11, even Deus Ex Human Revolution is bad in terms of DX11 usage where the only benefits you get from DX11 is tessellation (most of which is unnoticable unless used in the right situations), better DOF (if the game uses alot of it) and better shadows.

Arkham City does look interesting but it doesn't feel like my cup of tea, I am glad to know that they did fix some of the problems of Arkham Asylum and I'm also interested to know that they did make it harder, so yeah... I'll be willing to give it a try someday.

Joel H 3 years ago


You said: "the only benefits you get from DX11 is tessellation, better blurring and better shadows..." 

Those *are* three of the biggest benefits of DX11 over DX9. I'm not suggesting that it couldn't be used better; Arkham City's implementation is downright terrible. Still, it's not an enormous game-changer. Even well-implemented, the difference between DX9 and DX11 is always going to be incremental -- until developers start natively targeting systems with more video RAM and available bandwidth. That's not going to happen until the next gveneration of consoles.



JBoardman 2 years ago

played the game loved the game there are still some major issues that i suffer from visually still but otherwise this game is definetly a worthy addition to the series

sackyhack 2 years ago

I bought this game but I'm terrified of playing it due to the deleted save bug.  On their official forums though it sounds like they're zeroing in on the problem, so it's potentially just one patch away from being a perfect game for me.

Joel H 2 years ago

I played straight through and had no problems with deleted saves. 

sackyhack 2 years ago

Yeah but enough people have had problems that it still scares me.  Seems to be tied to specific achievements corrupting your save.  People on their forums have figured out that if you keep playing after these broken achievements and force a save in a different area, then the deleted/corrupt save will be overwritten and the problem avoided.

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