Ballmer Makes An Emotional, Grand Exit At Last Microsoft Employee Meeting

Whatever you may think about Steve Ballmer and his tenure in the big chair at Microsoft, you have to admit that the man’s good for a show. At his final companywide meeting before he retires in August, which took place in Seattle’s KeyArena, Ballmer reportedly brought them to their feet during his tearful farewell while the Michael Jackson's "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'” (which was played at Microsoft’s first meeting way back in 1983) and Dirty Dancing’s "(I've Had) The Time of My Life" blared.

He also referenced a quote from that first meeting when he said: "We have unbelievable potential in front of us, we have an unbelievable destiny." He still believes that Microsoft is “poised to write the future”, and although he said that several companies were able to do the same, he took some surprising shots at some of the major ones.

Steve Ballmer retiring

He said that Apple is concerned with being “fashionable”, while Amazon cares about being cheap and Google is most interested in “knowing more”, and that Microsoft is about “doing more”. It sounds like a great Microsoft commercial that the company could never get away with airing.

Sorry, couldn't resist

Ballmer’s time as CEO was marked in some ways by bold, risky decisions, and to that end he talked about how he pushed to turn Microsoft away from being just a software company and towards devices and services. To date, those results are decidedly mixed. It remains to be seen if his leadership will have set up the next CEO for years of success or if he’s left behind a mess that will take years to clean up (or, more likely, something in between), but one thing’s for sure. He had...the time of his life.
Via:  Reuters
DanJChiccino one year ago

All these emotional exits...Mariano Rivera, and now this...

DanielCampbell one year ago

DanJChiccino one year ago

Not that i give two shits about the NY Yankees.

ECouts one year ago

Maybe now we can start getting something that works well. =_=

ECouts one year ago

Some people say, "Windows is perfect! What the hell do you want it to do?" I'll tell you what I want out of Windows; I want it to be Linux. I want to know exactly how strong my wifi connection is, what my SNR is, how strong the signal is...I want to be able to adjust my congestion control algorithm and not have to worry about, "Oh, was that feature removed from this version?" I want to be able to tell Windows what I want my screen layout to be and where I want my darn Windows slider bar to be so I'm not constantly opening it when I try to close my browser. I want Windows applications to have a close option instead of having to find the window in the top corner and clicking to close it. I DON'T want to be worried about where my mouse is going to be or what it's going to activate by accident. I want a self-healing system that I don't have to re-install every application I've ever loaded to get my corrupt system files back. I want to be able to remove updates that cause my system to not even boot without requiring that I remove every file I just downloaded through my browser or my life's work that I just completed before restarting. I want my filesystem compression options that speed-up program load times and reduce required bandwidth between my motherboard and my SSD while decreasing the amount of data my SSD has to store. I want the option to compile my own source code, my own drivers and not have to worry that I didn't have Microsoft sign it some 6 months later so I can have my system running out of test mode. And, what's more, I want Microsoft to give it to me.

Ballmer hasn't done this. Who will?

TylerVieira one year ago

then use linux

ECouts one year ago

Exactly what I expect Microsoft would say. With no intention of adding any ability to tell if your hard drive is failing, if you're suddenly getting data corruption, etc. Use Linux if you want security. Use Linux if you want to know what's going on with your PC. Use Linux if you want to avoid viruses. USE LINUX! Why the hell does anyone want Microsoft?

NickModrowski one year ago

Because it's easier for the people that don't want to think, because it plays all the fun games, because it's what they've always used.

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