Are You App-Happy with Android? Nielsen Ranks Most Popular Apps by Age

We all have our favorite smartphone apps, a go-to collection that we use more often than any others, and for Android users 18 years and older living in the U.S., they consist of Facebook and apps from Google like Gmail and the Android Market, according to data released by market research firm Nielsen. In fact, Google's Android Market ranked as the most popular app in all three age categories (18-24, 25-34, and 35-44), a good sign that means the masses aren't out there plucking apps from unreliable and potentially dangerous sources.

If we discount the Android Market, which is the default vehicle of choice for installing apps in the first place, Facebook ranks next as the most popular app in all three age categories. Around 80 percent of Android smartphone users in the U.S. between the ages of 18-24 and 25-34 use Facebook the most, and more than three-quarters -- 77 percent -- of users ages 35-44 are in the same boat.

Angry Birds is up there too, but perhaps not as high as you think, ranking anywhere from 22 percent to 35 percent, sitting behind YouTube, Google Maps, and in some cases, Pandora and Words With Friends.

Which apps are driving your smartphone experience?

Nielsen's data also reveals shopping tendencies.

"Apart from gaming, the 35-44 segment demonstrates a greater inclination to shop using the Amazon AppStore: 24 percent of them used the app in the last 30 days, while only 14 percent of those 18-24 did the same," Nielsen says. "Groupon appeals more to those 25-34, not even making the top 20 ranking for those 18-24. A similar trend was found on Google+: active reach was higher for those 25 and older when compared to the 18-24 demographic."

Which apps do you use most often, regardless of the mobile platform?
Via:  Nielsen
ajm135 3 years ago

Google maps(obviously), Google +, gmail, yahoo mail,engadget,google music, my backup pro(custom rom flasher) root explorer, service time, swift key x, and youtube(notice a major trend and can you guess what OS i use on my phone?).

der meister 3 years ago

Rainy days, Metar/Taf. Weather bug, Google Finance, Facebook. Not too many, I use youtube from time to time but not that often.

Ryan H. Cowley 3 years ago

Android is just so flexible. Apple will nvr beat that.

jonation 3 years ago

and thats why you jailbreak

LLeCompte 3 years ago

I 2nd what AJM135 said. Thats basically everything i use (minus engadget i gave up on them)

DDeveaux 3 years ago

(Darnit, replying didn't work the way I wanted it to)

The apps I generally use are Facebook, Engadget, XDA Premium, PowerAMP, Google Music, Plume (Twitter client), Google Maps, GMail, Handcent SMS.

Drake_McNasty 3 years ago

I have to say I'm pretty easy when it comes to apps. I mostly use the basics: weather, maps/navigator, email, pandora, camera effects, that's about it. I actually got autodesk sketchpad today so I'm excited about that, and I've gone crazy with games for 10 cents this past week. Sentinel 3 is very addictive. Also I'm exited about Currents, I hope they keep up with it and make it more like flipboard.

Inspector 3 years ago

Props to the 10 day 10cents sale :D, im on the market daily xD

AKnudson 3 years ago

the apps i like are the really wierd free ones that people make for no apparrent reason and use all the time. My favorites are ebay and paypal as well as some piano apps, a note speller. a hard ware search engine and a few odds and ends.

michelleariel 3 years ago

sounds pretty on point to

der meister 3 years ago

One type of App that has yet to hit the market to match ISO is a goof flight planning app, such as foreflight for ISO. Maybe one one day a developer will be nice enough to develop one like it for android...

rapid1 3 years ago

Rofl I have never used Facebook on my Sensation, in fact the first thing I did after getting it rooted was remove facebook, HTC's twitter app (I use real Twitter and Opera Mini), the google picture thing, the T-Mobile GPS (not the Google one), friends, the stock tracker and several other things. I did play angry bird's about 15 times. I use Copilot live for GPS and have a couple other games on though. I also have a coupl apps that keep all the auto crap from eating my batteries, I use square to accept credit cards, I use paypal, I use Gasbuddy, Vlingo/Iris/Goggles/Mixzing and a couple others (Busybox, PowerMax, Rom Manager, Root explorer, Titanium Backup, Shazam, Super user and Manager, and a few others).

MayhemMatthew 3 years ago

Beyond satisfied. Ive been able to fix every single problem myself without having to contact support.

ThunderBird 3 years ago

I have taken a liking to Paper Toss 2.

Samar 3 years ago

veru happy with all AndroidY goodness around me.

omegadoom13 3 years ago

I love that the age only reaches to 44. I guess anyone older than that really doesn't matter in the study. :)

deadmanet 3 years ago

I mainly use FB,Twitter and Pandora, but keep around for random use, Google maps, Kitchen Timer, Flashlight, Amazon Marketplace, and BattleNet and Rift authenticators. Don't play many games, phone is mainly used for texting, using the internet while on the go.

digitaldd 3 years ago

I'm a big fan of Read it later, for the ability to share stories/URLs from desktop to phone and read the articles when I'm someplace where there is no internet connection on the Phone like underground on the NYC subway.

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