Archos Reveals 7-Inch Android 4.0 Gamepad, Dual Core ARM 1.5GHz and Mali 400 GPU Driven

French electronics maker Archos announced a new portable game console that will be available well ahead of the holidays. The Android-based Archos GamePad has physical game controls that are designed to work with all of your Android games.

The key here is the GamePad’s compatibility with past, present, and future games, regardless of whether they're designed for physical controls. Archos says it has a patented technology for automatically mapping virtual controls to its physical controls. Identical sets of game buttons and analog sticks flank the GamePad’s 7-inch screen.

“Thanks to the mapping and automatic game recognition systems included on the GamePad, we already have over a thousand android games compatible with the ARCHOS GamePad’s physical controls, including back catalog titles that originally didn’t include physical controls,” says Henri Crohas, Archos founder and CEO.

Archos GamePad

The GamePad pairs an ARM Mali-400MP quad-core GPU and a 1.5GHz, dual-core CPU. Because it runs Android, you’ll be able to use it as you would other tablets: you can check email, browse the Internet, etc. Of course, you can also download games via Google Play.

Archos plans to release the GamePad for under 150€ (about $188) in October. Archos is also courting game developers, having already worked with certain shops during the development of the GamePad. If you’re a developer and want to connect with Archos, drop them a line at
Via:  Archos
AKnudson 2 years ago

Thats an insanely good price, if Sony's vita wasn't finished already it definitely will be now. you can play any android game on this tablet and the processing power is phenomenal, the genius behind the arches design team is keep it cheap and make it work. It does just that, it works with every game and is functional as a tablet.

Well done arches, i expect that if any level of success is achieved with this tablet they will quickly expand the line with a windows 8 version as well.

nicoletoledo 2 years ago

sweet spot on the price. yes sony vita might aswell digg its own grave right now. with no price cut it wont last long. its a good product. but consumers now are more on the price rather on how better one is to the other. with a 180 price tag and alot of free android games out there this will be a steal.

Erakith 2 years ago

You missed something with Archos' design philosophy. "Keep it cheap, make it work, have it look SUPERS FANTASTIC!"


EGuerrero 2 years ago

Wow Amazing!!! Excellent Gamepad!

shadizzle 2 years ago

Great price point for sure- though with my experience with ARCHOS in the past... you get what you pay for..

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