Apple iPad 2 Reportedly Shipping in February

It doesn't appear Santa's elves (or Apple's engineering team) will come up with an iPad 2 in time for the holidays, but according to the latest rumor mill chatter, the Cupertino outfit is planning to release its second generation tablet perhaps by the end of February in 2011.

That's according to DigiTimes, which managed to extract quite a bit of info from its sources. Apparently Foxconn's plants in China have been told they will be shipping the iPad 2 in the next 100 days, and not just a small batch, but up to 600,000 units initially.

According to DigiTimes, Apple originally wanted mass production of the iPad 2 to begin in January, but that ended up being postponed to give Apple more time to test and fine tune the device's firmware. Apple can afford to take its time here, as Foxconn reportedly shipped some six million original iPads in the third quarter of 2010, which leaves about 1.8. million units of inventory for the fourth quarter, DigiTimes says.

Apple has kept mum about the iPad 2, but most expect that it will come with a front-facing camera with support for FaceTime. Other possible additions include a USB port, microSD card slot, rear camera, and more memory. As for Flash support? Don't hold your breath.
Via:  DigiTimes
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infinityzen1 4 years ago

Lets see about possible additions listed.

USB Port: Chances are slim to none. Apple already overs a USB converter that they make money selling.

microSD Card Slot: Chances are slim to none. Apple has not offered expandable memory on any iOS device to date and I don't see that changing soon. Want more memory? Buy a new one.

Rear Camera: Chances are Very High.

Front Camera: Chances are Very High. iPad is a much better Facetime device than iPhone and if their magical tablet lacks video chat while their phone and all the comps tablets have it that can hurt sales.

More Memory: Chances are Very High. Only 256MB of ram hurts the current iPad in multi tasking compared to the iPhone, even though it has a higher clocked cpu.

Flash: Don't hold your breath. I don't see this "War" ending anytime soon.

More Magic: Chances are 100%. Well, at least Apple will claim it has more magic then ever before.

soldier1969 4 years ago

I'm sure the hundreds of folks that buy the Ipad 1 for Christmas for someone or themselves that dont know about this update will be pretty pissed once they do.

OSunday 4 years ago

Right now I think the Ipad is just an oversized Ipod touch with some better hardware, but if it included some of the upgrades mentioned by InfinityzeN1 like USB ports, a MicroSD slot and flash (the cameras are nice but I dont care much for them) I'd seriously take into consideration buying one of the new Ipad's

Sarah Hastings 4 years ago

I agree to the fact that USB ports, Micro SD and flash would be a nice additions, but i disagree to the point that iPad is an over sized iPod Touch, as for me it is much useful as an e Book, a personalized notebook, a browsing and chatting device, a movie and songs library and much more...which has far greater value than iPod Touch

Der Meister 4 years ago

O Sunday: I very much agree with the large Ipod touch. 

Also InsinityzeN1: I Very much agree with you except I think it will have 1000% more magic 

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