AnyDATA's Honeycomb Tablet Looks Just Like A Galaxy Tab

We can't say we have ever really heard of AnyDATA, at least not as a tablet manufacturer, but the company is diving into the highly competitive tablet universe headfirst with a new 7" tablet. In seriousness, this unit looks almost identical to Samsung's original Galaxy Tab, so if you enjoyed that form factor, you'll probably enjoy this one. It's labeled as the AMD 120/810, a pocket-sized 7" tablet that will soon be available to the North American market.

The tablet is powered by a 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU and has a WSVGA display, Wi-Fi, built-in EV-DO Rev. A. cellular broadband chip, and Android 3.0 (Honeycomb). There's also an upgraded version with a 1.5GHz Qualcomm MSM8660 chipset if you need extra power. The device weighs under a pound, and ships with Bluetooth 2.1, a USB 2.0 port, dual speakers, microphone, and 3.5 mm ear jack; micro SD slot; as well as an accelerometer, gyroscope, digital compass, and light sensor. The AMD810 3G version also includes A-GPS and stand-alone GPS, enabling personal navigation.

There is, of course, support for video calling (thanks to a 3MP rear camera and 1.3MP front camera, HD video playback (HDMI 1080p output) and Google's Mobile services. There's no mention of an exact price or release date, but hopefully that'll come soon enough.
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inspector 3 years ago

the galaxy looks alot better, the style of this isn't sleek enough for my taste. this looks like a big itouch with some changes xD. I only say that because of the silver border :D

coolice 3 years ago

Arnt AnyDATA and Samsung the same company?


[EDIT] Whoops, thats AnyCall and Samsung, not AnyDATA. my mistake.

Drake_McNasty 3 years ago

I didn't think a lot of people bought the 7" galaxy tab, it's interesting that other companies would make something similar. I like the competition though, always nice to have choices when shopping for a new device.

Nethersprite 3 years ago

"I like the competition"

True, it's better than a monopoly (or duopoly or triopoly or whatever) but you won't be saying the same thing a few months from now, when most people predict a huge market saturation as every company tries to jump on the bandwagon and repeat the iPad 2's success by making the same exact thing as the next guy. Yes, the iPad 2's success: face it, Apple fanboy or not, which other tablet is as popular? The Xoom? That's a joke, right? Even upcoming devices: the PlayBook? Really? Who will buy a device that you HAVE to tether to your BlackBerry for some of the most basic uses?

gibbersome 3 years ago

I wonder if tablet is going to be able to compete with the iPad and RIM's playbook.

Also, great buying opportunity on RIM stock, absolutely absurd move after their earnings report yesterday.

rapid1 3 years ago

I bet Samsung decided to drop all of there last model tablets on someone or this is a small off brand owned by Samsung. As far as buying RIM stock being a good idea especially on the Slate market I think selling after there earnings report is misguided just like you say gibbersome. I mean seriously here there slate is probably my favorite that's available right now. The thing is though there devices across the board just came out to a large degree, so last quarter as well as last year most of the profit would have been tied up in R&D to get these devices out. Plus RIM still holds a substantial part of the market for now. Thats not to mention RIM is still used to playing the underdog role in the market, in general it has done this except for a period of time, and has done well in that role if not very well also.

abhi86 3 years ago

When a company like Samsung goes with Android it just misses the main point-- differentiation. Joining the crowd is always easy but not the best thing to do at least in technology industry. Anybody can come at any time and provide exactly same hardware and put same Android OS and sell a tablet or smart-phone, where is a USP and where is the innovation.

It is great that RIM came up with it s own OS and did not gave up to the pressure to go android way. If they get it right, QNX can become a big part of market and RIM will be whole beneficiary of it. The android guys will have to share there pie and will never have something which others can not replicate.

Android-QNX-iOS >> it is surely good for RIM, Apple and Google. Vendors like Samsung and HTC can make short term profits but will have to give-up their profits when competition starts selling exactly same device for cheap .. but they can't expect more if they don't innovate on their own and just work as a business company :)

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