Amped Wireless Expands Your Range To 7500 Feet With Dual-Band AP20000G Router

These days, a disappointing router can ruin just about all of the fun within your home. Slow transfers, wonky connections; we've all been there. Amped Wireless is producing a new piece of gear that aims to make those woes a thing of the past. The AP20000G dual-band Wi-Fi access point delivers up to 7,500 square feet of Wi-Fi coverage, which ought to cover even that wild mansion you've been eying down the street. The unit has a 620MHz processor, 600mW 2.4GHz amplifiers, high power 5.0GHz Wi-Fi amplifiers and two dual band high gain antennas. There's a USB port here as well for sharing files on a USB storage device, as well as four Gigabit Ethernet ports. With all that horsepower, you'll be asked to pay $169.99 when it ships later this month.

Here's the spec rundown...
  • Dual High Power 2.4GHz 600mW Amplifiers, Dual High Power 5.0GHz Amplifiers and Dual Low Noise Amplifiers for Improving Wireless Reception
  • Dual High Gain 5dBi Detachable Dual Band Antennas
  • Powerful Internal Processor for Faster Networking
  • 5x Gigabit Networking Ports (1 x Uplink, 4 x LAN)
  • USB 2.0 Port for Sharing USB Storage Devices Locally
  • Adjustable Wi-Fi Coverage
  • Provide up to Eight Wi-Fi networks for guest access
  • Intelligent plug and play setup

The AP20000G has a retail price of $169.99 and is available now for pre-order from the Amped Wireless web store. It will be available nationwide late September.  Learn More:  It will be available via retailers online and in-store nationwide by mid-June 2012.

AGNXNetworks 2 years ago

I just got a hold of one of these and it does have HARDCORE COVERAGE!

I can stream youtube vids from 200 ft away!!! I am a happy cat! I also have lag free gaming and I have guest networks peeps can connect to (4 per band and I have mine named after ponies from my little pony) and that's way better then giving my peeps the main network password. it also has USB storage and works very well with my IOSafe external USB HDD as well as my Sandisk Cruizer 16GB Flash drive! I literally didn't have to do anything but press one button and it works so well on my network! all OSes seen it... no troubles. 

I really like it so far ;-) 

I highly recommend this access point!

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