Alienware Aurora ALX Gaming System Preview

The release of ATI's Radeon HD 5870 graphics card has caused quite a stir in the hardware industry. While enthusiasts scramble to find the coin to upgrade their systems, Alienware has provided an all inclusive option for those in the market for an entire rig, loaded with some of the fastest parts available. Yesterday, Alienware announced the launch of five new configurations, consisting of all new Area 51, Aurora, and M15x gaming systems. Although each option brings something new to the table, we had the chance to check out the Aurora ALX featuring a Core i7 975 processor, X58 microATX motherboard, and two ATI Radeon HD 5870s running in CrossFire mode. If you crave cutting edge technology, then you've come to the right place. Read on as we take a quick look at the Aurora ALX to see just how fast it really is...

Alienware Aurora ALX Gaming System Preview

Via:  HotHardware
kid007 5 years ago

sick machine!, who ever get would be a lucky guy!

gibbersome 5 years ago

Let's see...

Awesome processor?

Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition 975 3.33GHz 8MB Cache


Top of the line video cards in SLI/CrossFire?

ATI Radeon HD 5870 GB GDDR5 CrossFire


Copious amounts of RAM?

Corsair Dominator 6GB (3x2GB DIMMs)


Hideously oversized Tower?


This machine is sick indeed!

bob_on_the_cob 5 years ago

Looks like a beast of a system. That case is longer than anything I have ever seen.

transam02 5 years ago

Nice machine. I think that is the about the decent lookin case that has come out of alienware in a while. That I like anyways. Good numbers put out as well. It is kinda tight in that case so you couldnt do any adding of cards since they decided to go with a micro atx board. But all in all alienware does it again with putting out another monster of a computer. And yea bob you are right that case is long you would have to have a monster desk to sit that thing on.

realneil 5 years ago

I like building my own systems way too much to ever pay 4K to have one built for me. I like the tweaking, testing, and the problem solving involved.

It is a fine performer though.

3vi1 5 years ago

Yes, it's very powerful.

I think the case is an aesthetic step backwards, though. :(

Soupstyle 5 years ago

The system looks great. But does anyone else think that alienware has been making uglier and uglier cases on the outside? Just another reason I build my own, I guess :P

$4k is a lot, but you gotta consider that the CPU alone is 1/4 of that price.

realneil 5 years ago


I agree.

Alienware's cases have progressively gotten to be uglier and uglier over time.

Just accepting the weird-ass looks of them because their computers are blindingly fast seems to be the norm. Many have drank the kool-aid and really think that they look good! LOL!

catech 5 years ago

looks broken, send it to me for troubleshooting...

should take me about a week to get throught arkham asylum... er um benchwork.

cwrustevo 5 years ago

Yea I don't think I would spend 4k for this type of thing that I could do myself and have so much fun.  Then again if you have more money then sense, this is perfect for you!

realneil 5 years ago

This thing is a fine system, but 4K is a lot of scratch for a gaming system.

I find that I can be happy with less if I have to be. Making my own is more cost efficient too.

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