After Instagram Departure, Twitter Welcomes Pinterest

Just as Instagram finished making its dramatic exit from Twitter, Pinterest stepped onto the scene with Twitter Card support. The feature means that you can put Pinterest photos in expanded tweets. Twitter has been working to improve the way images appear in its famously short messages, leading to Twitter Cards.

Kelly Lieberman's Pinterest Tweet

This is good news for Twitter, which is likely to benefit from tweets in which users can see larger images without opening new tabs or pages. And Pinterest isn’t the first to get on board with Twitter Cards – in fact, Instagram was using the Cards API as well before leaving Twitter. But I have to wonder about how well this will work for Pinterest. If you can see an interesting image clearly simply by clicking or tapping the image, will you click through to Pinterest, or will you move on?

Pinterest slipped the feature into Twitter without fanfare, so it was user and social media manager Kelly Lieberman who gets credit for first noticing the change.

sackyhack 2 years ago

So now my friends have to use another service to post pictures of their food? But wait, how did Instagram leave Twitter? Can't you just post the pics you take? I only used it once a while back and thought the filters were bad so I don't know how it actually interacts with other media.

OSunday 2 years ago

And the social media wars and alliances begin...

Dorkstar 2 years ago

Yep, sounds like we got another Apple vs Samsung on our hands.  I liked pinterest more than instagram anyhow, so i'm on their side here.

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