Acer Introduces S1 LCD Monitor Line: Sleek And Slender

If you're after Acer's new Aspire "Predator" gaming desktop, you may also find yourself in the market for a new LCD monitor to go with it. If that's the case, the company has just the thing: the new S1 line of ultra-thin monitors. These resemble the Touch of Color LCDs that we have seen from Samsung in the past, with a slim black bezel, a glossy finish and a design that's so thin, it could easily be mounted on the wall.

The S1 series LED monitors are available in a range of sizes, but the overall design remains the same throughout. 20", 21.5" and 23" models are on sale, with the 20" being just 13mm thick and the others being 15mm thick. Of course, these monitors are also LED backlit, with the white LED technology providing up to 68% power savings. The S1 line is also Energy Star 5.0 compliant, and they each offer 12,000,000:1 contrast ratios, a 16:9 aspect ratio, 250 cd/m2 brightness and 16.7M colors. The 21.5" and 23" models have 1920x1080 resolutions, while the 20" presumably has a slightly lower resolution.

The Acer S1 series of displays will be available this month for U.S. customers at leading retailers for an MSRP of $169.99 for the 20-inch model (S201HL), $219.99 for the 21.5-inch model (S211HL) and $269.99 for the 23-inch model (S231HL).

 Acer Launches New S1 Line of Ultra-Thin, Space-Saving Displays With Advanced Eco-Friendly Technology and Packaging

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Acer America today debuts a new line of ultra-thin LED monitors that feature an eco-friendly, space-conscious design. The new S1 series displays combine the latest LED technology with a slim 13mm to 15mm profile, making them ideal for users with limited space for work or entertainment.

    “In addition to the eye-catching design and crisp visual quality, the S1 series monitors were designed to be one of the slimmest monitors available today for consumers with a limited amount of desk space”

The S1 series LED monitors come in a range of sizes, delivering excellent video performance and innovative display technologies to deliver crisp, clear images.

“In addition to the eye-catching design and crisp visual quality, the S1 series monitors were designed to be one of the slimmest monitors available today for consumers with a limited amount of desk space,” said Irene Chan, senior product marketing manager for peripherals, Acer America. “Another key consideration was designing a monitor that delivers low energy consumption and environmental impact.”

Designed with clean lines, a polished black display frame and rounded porcelain-like stand, the eye-catching S1 series is the perfect blend of sophistication and style. These modern looking displays are available in three sizes – 23-inch, 21.5-inch, 20-inch – and feature an ultra-slim profile, ranging from only 13 mm for the 20-inch to less than 15mm for the 21.5-inch and 23-inch models.

The S1 series of monitors leverages some key eco-friendly, energy-saving technologies. All of the S1 models feature white LED backlighting, which does not contain hazardous substances such as mercury or halogen gases, making it safer for the environment. Additionally, white LED technology consumes less power, providing up to 68% power savings to users.(2)

All of the new displays are RoHS and ENERGY STAR® 5.0 compliant, the latest and most widely used energy-conservation qualification, helping consumers streamline costs and preserve power while providing higher efficiency. To further decrease the environmental impact of the displays, the Energy Star 5.0 specifications incorporates stringent energy consumption and power management requirements while in the “On” mode.

For consumers with community recycling programs, the environmentally-friendly monitors all come in highly recyclable packaging materials, with all major plastic components properly labeled with the composition code and recycling symbols to facilitate future recycling based on ISO 1043/11469 standards.

Cutting-Edge Features Offer Excellent Picture Quality

The sophisticated new Acer S1 series of LED monitors provides consumers with a premium viewing experience and advanced features. The monitors all feature 12,000,000:1 contrast ratio via Acer Adaptive Contrast Management (ACM), for crisp graphics and stunning picture quality. The ACM features advanced technology that enables users to adjust images frame by frame for a dramatic improvement of gradation and detail, especially in very dim or very bright scenes.

Providing excellent high-definition picture quality, all of the monitors boast a 16:9 aspect ratio, allowing users to view high-definition digital content without the image distortion that arises from incompatible aspect ratios. The 21.5-inch and 23-inch display models all feature 1920x1080 resolutions, further enhancing the video quality.

Perfect for viewing high-definition videos, movies and other digital content, all of the S1 series of displays feature rapid 5ms response times, 250 cd/m2 brightness and 16.7M colors.

Each of the new displays ensure easy connectivity to home entertainment devices and office peripherals via a VGA port or DVI port with HDCP protection (depending on the model.) The 23-inch model also comes with an all-digital HDMI interface, delivering exceptional high-definition viewing and top-quality uncompressed video.

Software Solutions Enhance Visual Experience

Acer’s unique software solutions boost usability. The eColor Management on-screen interface allows users to tailor the performance of the display, such as brightness, saturation and contrast. The Empowering Key enables users to switch between viewing scenarios and create their own to compensate for application and environmental constraints. The eDisplay Management function is a powerful color enhancement and display rotation tool. 
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AKwyn 4 years ago

Eh. I've read that Acer's monitors are bad in general, they have horrible color representation and don't fare as equally as it's competition.

acarzt 4 years ago

Actually, my dad has an Acer monitor, and it looks pretty great in my opinion.

It looks better than my Dell.

These ones has some nice specs too. I would like to see some larger sizes tho. And local dimming :-)

lonewolf 4 years ago

To me Dell makes the best Monitor. You cannot go wrong with their Ultra Sharp line.

AKwyn 4 years ago

I agree, I also have one of their monitors but I'm thinking of getting a new monitor because my sudden desire for deeper blacks and less backlight bleed suddenly kicked in.

acarzt 4 years ago

It sounds like you need a plasma my friend lol

AKwyn 4 years ago

acarzt... Plasma? Please, there's actually an LED LCD monitor that I want and it's by ViewSonic and costs 169.99 dollars well at least until the end of the month.

acarzt 4 years ago

NOTHING can display dark colors the way a plasma can. Contrast and all around image quality is better on a plasma.

The only problem is the smallest size i've seen them in is 42"

And they draw a lot of energy.

And panasonic screwed up their previous gen with their little voltage mod lol

Outside of that, they have superior picture quality over LCDs, even the LED ones.

Local dimming LCDs help out a lot... but they get a bloom effect and really poor off center image quality( the colors start to change).

AKwyn 4 years ago

While it is true that Plama's offer's better quality, they also die sooner then LCD's. If a Plasma TV could last as long as LCD TV then I might buy one but for now, my money is on LED LCD.

acarzt 4 years ago

ACTUALLY Plasmas and LCDs are both rated for about 50,000 hours MTBF(mean time before failure)

So if you ran your tv 24/7 it would last 5.7 years

Older plasmas were rated at about 30,000 hours

Which would be 3.4 years if run 24/7

If you watched TV 8hrs /day you would hit the 30,000hr mark in 10.2 years. The 50,000hr mark in 17.1 years.

Either of which you're TV is gonna be pretty out dated by then.

There is a lot of misinformation about plasmas out there.

The truth is, they are cheaper, and just as reliable and offer superior image quality. :-)

wil2200 4 years ago

Assuming you are interested in Eyefinity, I am surprised that this monitor doesn't have a slimmer bezel as well

realneil 4 years ago

One of my screens is an 22" Acer and it's just as nice as the 22" ViewSonic sitting next to it. Both of them are fast and represent color faithfully. They're both HDCP capable too.

Not being involved in a business that relies on exact color reproduction, I can't vouch for their level of perfection, but they're alright with me,....real friggin' alright.

animatortom 4 years ago

I am still waiting for larger displays at lower prices!

Since I use a Wacom, that is the only one that I am concerned with about accurate color representations! As long as the other displays are relatively close that's OK! I have found if a monitor has HD compatibility and a high refresh rate, it wont be a problem.

That 23" should be more in the 200 range. If they want that price I will wait for a 32":P

acarzt 4 years ago

Asus has some really great 24" monitors for around $200 :-)

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