AVA Direct Custom GT3 SFF Gaming System Review

When building or buying a desktop gaming system, enthusiasts don't normally put much thought into how much it's going to weigh, or how hard it will be to carry around when attending a LAN party. Notebook and netbook end users are much more weight-conscious consumers than are folks looking at desktops, obviously. And in the case of a gaming desktop, users tend to opt for power over form factor. Then the day comes that you decide to bring the system to someone's house, or to a hotel ballroom, for a LAN party. That's when you realize your desktop, in its steel tower case, throws your back out when you try to load it into your car.

AVA Direct's custom GT3 series is aimed squarely at the LAN party gamer, and won't throw out your back with its diminutive size and weight. It's built with portability in mind; the case is small, it comes with a handle and the thing weighs less than 20 pounds. And because it's custom, you can build it up as you please at AVA Direct's Web site. Finally, due to the fact that the GT3 is more a tiny desktop than a true SFF (Small Form Factor) machine, in theory, it shouldn't sacrifice much power for the sake of portability.

AVA Direct Custom GT3 SFF Gaming System Review

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InfinityzeN 5 years ago

Should have compared it to the Smooth Creations LANShark.  Their both in the same market class.  Small, light weight, custom machines that weigh less than 20lbs and are designed to take to lans.

I already know that the LANShark is going to win the looks department (easily, against pretty much any machine on the market), but I would like to see how they stack up in other areas.

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