AT&T to Roll Out 4G LTE in a Dozen Additional Markets “Soon”

AT&T is playing a game of catch-up on the 4G LTE front, trying to keep up with its biggest rival, Verizon (and not yet succeeding in doing so). AT&T will close the gap a bit, at least for now, with a dozen new 4G LTE deployments in cities around the country.

Although there’s no hard date or even a given order for the rollouts--the press releases simply say they’re coming “soon”, in April, May, and “into the early summer”--the company has stated that cities getting the new mobile broadband capabilities are Bloomington, Lafayette, and Muncie, Indiana; Naples, Florida; Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Louisiana; St. Louis, Missouri; Akron, Canton, and Cleveland, Ohio; Bryan-College Station, Texas; and Staten Island, NYC.

AT&T claims that its 4G network will encompass 250 million Americans, and it was sure to tout its 4G-ish HSPA+ network stepping-stone as a better alternative to its competitors’ 3G.
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thunderdan602 2 years ago

Love my Verizon 4G Android. Now if only unlimited data can come back.

omegadraco 2 years ago

It sounds like they are taking a card from Verizons deck and rolling it out in huge groups. Hopefully it is bigger than the postage stamp that Marco had to stand on in Vegas to get access.

AKwyn 2 years ago

Seems interesting... Will it actually improve their network coverage though?

LLeCompte 2 years ago

IM glad they are coming to my state, (louisiana) but the sad thing is they wont put it in any other city until like 2016. @ taylor, it may improve coverage a little, but it wont by much.

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