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AT&T to Offer Sony S2 Exclusively in the U.S.

AT&T to Offer Sony S2 Exclusively in the U.S.

AT&T announced on Wednesday that the wireless carrier will have exclusivity on the Android-based Sony S2 tablet. The S2 was introduced, along with the Sony S1, in late April.

The Sony S2 offers a unique folding form factor. It has dual 5.5-inch 1024 x 480 displays. The S1 has a 9.4-inch touchscreen and another unique form factor, which reminds people of nothing less than an open magazine with the cover folded back. Both will sport a dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 SoC processor.

There was no announcement about the S1, but the S2 will launch with support for AT&T’s HSPA+ 4G network. Both devices also runs Sony’s PlayStation Network for gaming and video services.

The press release is below. 

AT&T to CONNECT “Sony Tablet” S2 on Nation’s fastest mobile broadband Network

4G Tablet Features Two 5.5 Inch Screens, Android 3.0

DALLAS, July 13, 2011 — AT&T* today announced that AT&T will be the exclusive U.S. mobile broadband provider for the “Sony Tablet” S2 (codename), a dual screen, multi-functional tablet ideal for mobile communication and entertainment, that Sony Corporation plans to launch later this year.

“We’re pleased to be working with AT&T on yet another unique mobile device,” said Mike Lucas, senior vice president of Networked Technology and Services Division at Sony Electronics. “AT&T provides the speed and coverage that are integral to the different features and functions of our tablet. We value our relationship as they share our commitment to growing the ‘Sony Tablet’ and the tablet market overall.”

The “Sony Tablet” S2 will be 4G**capable and Wi-Fi compatible. With a qualifying data plan, users of the “Sony Tablet” S2 will have access to AT&T’s mobile broadband network and unlimited access to AT&T’s more than 20,000 hot spots nationwide. With both 4G and Wi-Fi, users can browse the Internet, access digital content including videos, games, and check e-mail, while on the go, nearly anytime.

“With its unprecedented, completely portable form factor, the “Sony Tablet” S2 offers tablet enthusiasts a convenient and unique entertainment experience,” said David Haight, vice president of business development, AT&T emerging devices. “Users will be treated to exceptional graphics and the touch-screen capabilities will enable a fast and efficient website experience.”

AT&T will offer monthly data plans for the “Sony Tablet” S2. Distribution and pricing will be announced at launch.

AT&T wasn't specific about dates or pricing. Watch a pair of video demos on the S1 and S2 below.

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AT&T tries to push that Monopoly envelope as much as they can!! I am sure they have more Lobbyist in DC than they have tech support in America!

I would also bet, they didn't pay any taxes last year just like GE:P

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That is most all true there is a website that shows all contributions to all national politicians. I posted it on my Facebook profile. An interesting thing though I now have 374 people in my circles on Google+ so I don't know how much longer Facebook will really be used by me at least any more. Anyway enough of that this phone as well as Sony as it's producer have one thing they do not have to worry about at least in design which is Apple or for that matter any other phone producer. Of course sprint had there little double screen phone, but I don't think anyone bought it. It looks nothing like this one. It is pretty cool looking, but I think it is more of a look into the future for a device type an expandable tablet/phone rather than a folded one would be nice.

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