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ASUS More Reliable Than Apple But Lenovo Bests Them All

ASUS More Reliable Than Apple But Lenovo Bests Them All

When it comes to the personal computing market, Apple is considered the cream of the crop these days. But a new quarterly report from PC repair firm, RescueCom, shows that increasing numbers of Apple customers are having trouble with their beloved Macs. Lenovo has been crowned as the most reliable, while ASUS, despite losing market share, beat Apple to claim the No. 2 spot.

So says the first Computer Reliability Report of 2011, which covers Q1. RescueCom determines reliability by comparing the units shipped by a specific manufacturer versus the number of repair calls for that brand. Granted, the company admits that this methodology isn't perfect. It depends on the likelihood that a customer will not only seek out third-party support for PC repairs, but that it will seek out RescueCom for that support. Even still, RescueCom has been conducting this quarterly research since 2009. It now has enough data under its belt to show some trends about the reliability of components for each brand that it tracks. In its first ever annual report, for 2009, Apple claimed the top spot. And it's been downhill for Apple ever since, with the company landing in the No. 2 or No. 3 spot, always behind ASUS. Indeed, a fourth-place showing is the worst quarterly score that Apple has hit to date


Manufacturer U.S. Computer Market Share (2)(Percentage of Share computers shipped) RESCUECOM Computer Repair Shares (1) (Percentage of service calls to 1-800-RESCUE-PC) Computer Reliability Score (1)
IBM/LENOVO 5.5% 2.17% 254
ASUS 3.0% 1.24% 242
TOSHIBA 10.2% 6.19% 164
APPLE 9.7% 6.5% 149
HP/COMPAQ 26.5% 21.67% 122

Top 5 Most Reliable Computer Brands. Source: RescueCom and IDC


HP/Compaq posted some pale numbers, too. "HP/Compaq was the runaway leader in number of PCs shipped even with losing 2.5% market share, but they are now struggling to stay in the top five," the report says.

Surprisingly, Samsung, which wasn't named as a Top 5 vendor at all, has been marked as a reliability up-and-comer. Samsung didn't land on the Top 5 due to its tiny market share. "Although grouped with the 'Other brands' category, Samsung is rapidly rising in market share. Looked at separately Samsung would place third, bumping out HP/Compaq. With over 260% gain in market share, Samsung is a brand to watch in the future," the report notes.

These findings echo a report produced earlier by PC World. PC World's Annual Reliability and Service Report for 2010, which published in December, also showed HP landing in the bottom of the rankings for home desktops. Dell, the second-largest seller of home PCs in the U.S., scored poor marks, too. While the PC World survey data is older, it is far larger, including a whopping 79,000 responses. Apple and Asus scored highest in that survey, too, though Lenovo landed in the middle of the pack.

Given the price difference between Asus and Apple, Asus users have to be happy indeed.


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the sad thing is that the common people will never see these reports and will still buy an apple because its a name they know. NO one knows asus and they call it an off brand computer. I would almost blow up when people would tell me this when i sold computers.

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@LLeCompte don't you know apple products are the best thing in the world? They last forever, bump you up a level in society if you are seen with them(but only new apple products you are considered weak and undesirable with a last generation model), and make you breakfast in bed as a bonus!!!! Capital----> F apple........

I agree, I hate when people say that acer and asus are the "off" brand. When I told people I won a maingear they asked what brand it was, I died a little inside. Here is another thing I love.......when people come over, look at the monitor, and ask if my computer is a viewsonic.

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That's beautiful, man! ;)

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@LLeCompte I know what you mean I have not had one ASUS product that was not good to me.

@Drake Apple products are the greatest invention ever... Proprietary hardware and software rocks my socks.

I know what you mean about the monitor brand... I sometimes ask someone to turn off their computer and then turn it back on and they do it in 2 seconds and I know they are shutting the monitor off and back on.

How's the Maingear treating you :)

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Hurray! I have a Lenovo!


Yeah, that whole viewsonic thing...thats why most people buy macs, because they dont know anything about computers they just want it to work. I was interesting reading about the malware issue that Apple had recently because the number of people calling in with problems increased by a factor of ten. It scares me a bit because i see things like that getting worse in the future, especially with Apples growing market share.

Anyway, Lenovo, Asus, and Apple all make fantastic products.

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I like the ASUS brand. They deliver great quality time and time again. So I buy from them now. Lenovo used to be IBM brand and is still just as expensive as IBM was to buy. Yeah, great quality, but unaffordable to a lot of us.

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I think I would favor ASUS over Lenovo. Just like their general product design better overall, and pretty much everything they make rocks. Can't say that I know a terrible lot about Lenovo, though.

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so many coflicting rating information ,that am lost !

1 ]

2]this site copy from consumer reports





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