ASUS Launches Ultra-light Leather-Bound Notebook

ASUS Launches Stylish Ultra-light Leather-Bound Notebook

--ASUS U2E Integrates Luxury, Style and Functionality into an 11-inch- 2.7lbs. Hand-Crafted Notebook--

FREMONT, CALIFORNIA (March 19, 2007) -ASUS today announced availability of the long-anticipated U2E, the perfect companion for road warriors. The 11-inch all-in-one leather crafted notebook is designed to deliver the highest level of versatile performance while conveying an individual's sense of style. 

Rich, Varied Connectivity

The U2E is the lightest notebook with a built-in DVD-RW. To deliver the ultimate mobile experience on Windows Vista, the ASUS U2E comes equipped with 3GB high-speed DDR2 memory. With an energy saving back-lit LED panel, micro-DVI, VGA out, an 8-in-1 card reader, and three USB 2.0 ports, the U2E enables road warriors to excel without compromise.    

Multiple Drive Options

The ASUS U2E is available with two hard drive options. The U2E-A1B is equipped with a 32 GB Solid State Drive (SSD) and a 160 GB external hard drive (MSRP $2699). The U2E-A2B comes with a single 120 GB hard drive (MSRP $1,999).  
Via:  Asus
Lev_Astov 6 years ago
*drool* I really really love the leather bound notebooks. And this one is small AND comes with a DVD drive!! I think this might just have to be my next laptop.

The best looking leather bound notebook was actually a Lenovo, which was the basic lousy thinkpad design, but had a thick leather binding exactly like a book. It even had a spine, and the leather overhung the edges all around, so you couldn't tell it was a laptop at all until it was opened.
willardcw4 6 years ago
that is a nice looking notebook... but it would be even BETTER if they could throw in a 8800M gpu in there :)
recoveringknowitall 6 years ago

[quote user="willardcw4"]but it would be even BETTER if they could throw in a 8800M gpu in there :)[/quote]


Of course any laptop would be even better with an 8800 in it!!! :P

My lappy's got an 8600GS in it and under Vista gaming performance quite frankly sucks IMO... luckily I could care less about gaming on it.

willardcw4 6 years ago

I found the laptop on Newegg:

Its not bad for a little 11-incher... looks really easy to carry around and I think looks pretty sleek...leather is always a good thing Wink

recoveringknowitall 6 years ago

It's deffinately a "looker", but 2 grand... ouch!

frg1 6 years ago

 i would rather get something that can plays some games for that price

willardcw4 6 years ago

ya... but sooner or later we'll have laptops that size that can play crysis and cod4 :) just have to wait... and wait... sigh..

frg1 6 years ago

would you really want to play crysis on a 11 inch screen 

willardcw4 6 years ago

yes... yes i would... i want to strain my eyes to the point where x-ray vision develops :)

but it would be cool to bust out this tiny wanna-be laptop and just start playing cod4 or something... its a real chick-getter.. trust me ;)

frg1 6 years ago

 sounds about right and cant complain about xray visoin

trueg50 6 years ago

 You know I contemplated getting agaming laptop before college, but you know what? Thats a desktop's job, and trying to make a hybrid just makes something that fails at both.

 I have seen their leather notebooks several tiems before, and the look exeptionally classy. Plus they make them in hot pink, so it makes it a perfect valentines day present !

AjayD 6 years ago

[quote user="trueg50"]Plus they make them in hot pink, so it makes it a perfect valentines day present ![/quote] 

If I had that type of budget for Valentines Day I might have had a better time.

Asus seems awfully proud of this little critter, considering its price.

Also, willardcw4 that was a great comment about squinting until you had X-Ray vision. It actually made me laugh, which has been rare lately. Thanks. 

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