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AMD 790GX Chipset Platform Launch

AMD 790GX Chipset Platform Launch

If you've been on top of the PC scene for any length of time, you probably know that whether by choice or necessity, AMD has taken a different tact as of late. Whereas the company was all about bigger, faster, and better during the Athlon's heyday, AMD is now more about touting the performance per dollar and value of their products. While they may not have a CPU with the horsepower to compete in the benchmark war with Intel's $1000 behemoths, AMD's affordably priced Phenoms do offer good bang for the buck.

The value conscious mentality that has permeated AMD's recent graphics card and processor launches has also rung true in their motherboard chipset business as well. The 690G and 780G, for example, offered solid feature sets and excellent IGPs, at very affordable prices. And today, AMD continues their recent traditions with the introduction of the 790GX chipset, which improves upon the 780G is virtually every way. A new Southbridge is also making its debut which promises to enhance the overclockability of Phenom processors. Click the link below and take a look...

AMD 790GX Chipset Platform Launch
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I'm looking forward to an HH torture test. A video spotlight perhaps? Sadly, The "bang for the buck" approach is a step back to the pre K8 days. I hope AMD becomes more competitive soon. The added competition will, as always, benefit consumers like us.

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