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16.8% Of Verizon Customers Show Extreme Interest In iPhone

16.8% Of Verizon Customers Show Extreme Interest In iPhone

Rumors of the iPhone landing on Verizon Wireless have been swirling for years, nearly as long as the original iPhone has been out. With LTE on the horizon and a next generation iPhone expected at next month's WWDC, VZW is in a good position. Of course, it's rumored that AT&T's exclusivity contract still runs until 2012, but we suspect there's nothing that cannot be changed when enough money is involved.

A new report looking into the interest of a Verizon iPhone has discovered results that aren't entirely shocking, but if these numbers were to translate into sales if a Verizon iPhone did indeed surface, America's largest wireless carrier would get way, way bigger in a hurry. Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty has stated: "According to our [Alphawise U.S. consumer iPhone survey], there is substantial pent up iPhone demand within the Verizon installed base as 16.8% of Verizon subscribers said they are ‘very likely’ to purchase an iPhone if offered on the Verizon Network. This 16.8% is higher than AT&T subscriber’s 14.6% extreme interest in the current AT&T iPhone, and well above the overall iPhone extreme interest of 7.5%."

Contrary to the belief of many, a Verizon iPhone probably wouldn't mean that loads of AT&T users would jump ship. Many are tied to family plans and business accounts, which means that leaving for another carrier is often too complicated to endure. What it may mean, however, is that AT&T's smartphone user growth would slow dramatically, as free-of-contract consumers may gravitate towards Verizon's larger 3G network in order to avoid the dropped calls and such that are so often associated with AT&T's network.

Either way, it'll be interesting to see what happens when the iPhone does eventually head to another U.S. carrier. Will AT&T lose a lot of subscribers? Will loads of dumb-phone users sign up for an iPhone on another carrier? Hopefully we won't have to wait long to find out.

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While an iPhone on Verizon would be interesting, and I am a customer of theirs. I don't know if the iPhone is going to be the only player in the game in about 5 days. I am considering flipping to Sprint for the EVO, of course 4G is also available at my house as well, not to mention my whole city and has been for about a year now I think.

The real thing is though first it is not in a locked platform like the iPhone is, and second it is not on At&t. I have had an account with them on two occasions throughout my cellular phone lifespan (19.something years). I do not like them at all. The main thing though is the locked platform.

With Sprint yes 4G exists for me personally which is great. I also know they piggy back on Verizon in a lot of places as well, or at least am under that impression. The big thing is Android, and that OS with it's openness. Yes the App store has had what 3 years to grow, but how many of the same thing are there as well as how many have been put up which were innovative that Apple decided to not approve.

I don't need 10 GPS, 6 budgeting, 5 chat, 20 ripoffs, also want the choice of whats cool or useful to me to be mine, just as my computers. My brother is a Apple fan boy, and has both there laptops, and phones which are all he uses. That is fine with me, I just can't be that locked in. I like to know what the inside of my devices look like. I like the decisions to be mine if I am going to use it period. The EVO for now matches them all.

Not to mention the thing was rooted a week ago, and I am sure that although it comes with Android 2.1. A version has already been bridged over from the Nexus to it, as I also know has been done with the HERO phones. I wanna know how Sprint will control tethering, wifi etc on Froyo (Android 2.2) as it's free, whereas they charge for both. That is not to mention other things in Froyo as well.

The iPhone may be great, but for the pinnacle of cellular hardware right now even excluding the iPhone 4 which will be announced in June, the EVO alone eats it, that's even if it is only because it has 4G service available. Neither Verizon or At&t will have that until at best midway through 2011, not to mention a phone with the hardware to use it!

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