15,000 BlackBerry 10 Apps Submitted By Developers In Just Two Days

15,000 BlackBerry 10 Apps Submitted By Developers In Just Two Days

RIM is getting ready to launch its BlackBerry 10 operating system in about two weeks. In an effort to try to boost the new platform's app store, RIM held two Port-A-Thon events last week. One of the events was focused on BlackBerry while the other focused on Android developers.

RIM's vice president of develop relations, Alec Saunders, tweeted about the success of the two events, saying, "Well there you have it. 37.5 hours in, we hit 15,000 apps for this portathon. Feel like I've run a marathon. Thanks to all the devs!"

The Port-A-Thon events offered developers a number of incentives. For developers who ported one to five apps at the BlackBerry event, $100 was offered. The first ten developers who ported ten or more apps at the BlackBerry event received a paid trip to BlackBerry Jam in Europe, a Dev Alpha Device, and $100. Various other incentives were available as well. Each developer was limited to 20 apps. All of the apps that were ported at these events are expected to be available in BlackBerry World by January 21.

RIM is also running another promotion to entice developers. With its 10K commitment, RIM has guaranteed developers at least $10,000 each provided the app passes quality standards and makes $1,000 on its own.

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Bit of a misleading title. 'Porting' apps certainly isn't what is going to save RIM, and one has to wonder why anyone would bother at this stage.

RIM would possibly be better just adopting and then modifying android like Amazon has done with the Fire. That way they still remain somewhat relevant at least. Either that or sell out to MS and toss their hat in with the WP system which seems to be picking up a bit of momentum now that handsets like the 920 and 8x are at parity with the Galaxy 3 and other 'superphones'.

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