Boeing’s Solid State Laser Weapon System Can Paint a 30kW Death Dot On The Enemy

Cue those "hand quotes", because Boeing's got the freakin' lasers. Called the 'Thin Disk Laser', Boeing's managed to deliver a product that's 30% more effective than what the US' Department of Defense required, and if used in combat, I'm not sure we'd want to know what kind of damage it could do. Let's just say, when less than 1 watt could easily blind you, it seems likely that 30,000 watts could do some ridiculous damage.

Boeing's laser, also referred to as an 'Active Mirror Laser', is a solid-state type that implements a lasing material to act as an amplifier and a mirror to direct the beam. More than one laser is implemented here to form one fused beam, with each individual one having a layer of thick substrate behind it for heat dissipation, which is said to be quite effective.

Unfortunately, examples of what could be accomplished with this laser are not mentioned, nor is it mentioned how long the beam can be used before it needs to cool down (if at all, but it's hard to believe the heat dissipation is so effective that it could continue as long as there's a power source - we are dealing with 30 kW here). It's also not mentioned if and when this will be put into use, but given the fact it's 30% more powerful than the DoD's requirements, it seems likely that the folks there would be rather pleased with Boeing's progress.

Via:  Gizmag
Sevags one year ago

30,000 watts would do so much damage it's ridiculous. That's getting close to super and heat vision lol.

I've had a fascination with lasers since I was very little. My got my first laser pointer 1993 when I was 11 for $150, it was my Christmas present that I requested over a Super Nintendo and games, it was a 5mW red. I've owned several more since with my current baby being a Wicked Lasers Arctic S3 1.4Watts (1,400mW) blue spectrum. The best way to describe holding it is it feels like it's a real light saber that extends out to space! I can easily start camp fires, light matches, pop balloons, burn holes through cardboard, melt plastic, and light ciggerttes from 15 feet away. Can't imagine what it could do if it was 21.5 THOUSAND times stronger!!!

Sevags one year ago

Superman* heat vision

Clixxer one year ago

Wow I didn't even know these existed, now I want one.

Kidbest100 one year ago

Now we just need to make a few more of them, mount them onto a giant globular space station, fuse the beams all together, and boom!

The deathstar.

ScottRRedman one year ago

Sounds impressive, but can it make popcorn?

hoserdave one year ago

Why yes, yes it can.

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