Steam Summer Getaway Sale Launches with Big Discounts on Popular PC Games

If you’ve been waiting for the right time to pick up Bioshock Infinite, that time has come. Valve just launched the Steam Summer Getaway Sale, which features 12 days of massive discounts on game titles big and small. Valve likes to kick off the Summer Sale with a big discount on a particularly big title, and this year is no different: Bioshock Infinite is on sale for half off at $29.99.

The Bioshock sale is the first of many Daily Deals, which runs for only 24 hours. And now that Steam Trading Cards are available, certain titles include them to beef up the deals. The cards are unique, so you’ll need to buy games on sale to get them. If you’re a bargain hunter, you’ll want to keep an eye on the Steam Store for the Flash Sales, which run for eight hours and have massively slashed prices. As of this writing, Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition is 70% off. Interestingly, Steam lets gamers pick many of the sales – if you have a game in mind, check out the Community’s Choice section and cast a vote.

The Steam website appears to be experiencing heavy traffic right now and is occasionally throwing up the white flag, but don’t panic if you’re having trouble accessing the site or reading this at work – the Summer Getaway sale goes until July 22.
Via:  Valve

Hotline Miami. Sweet. Going to try that out since its dirt cheap.

FrankScrivy one year ago

great for people who have money not so great for those who are broke

ShaneThomasFrisinger one year ago

It is always nice and image what each day will bring. The larger choice is to wait and see or spend it all now.

ajm531 one year ago

gosh my wallet is hurting already. Tomorrow is payday.... sigh. ill be eating mcdonalds for a while

ajm531 one year ago

weird double comment issue

ajm531 one year ago

also psychonaughts is in this sale. if you havent played this buy it and play it. awesome game.

CalebSmith one year ago

I really hope the normal version of Skyrim goes for really cheap soon!! I've been dying to find it SUPER cheap!

MiltonMachindiarena one year ago

bioshock is awesome buy it people!!!!

CalebSmith one year ago

AGREED! Bioshock is amazing!

BlackOpsPenguin one year ago

Borderlands 2 with season pass for 20$ all I need is for FarCry 3 to go on sale!

RubiksCharge one year ago

Best gaming sale of the year. I have been waiting to get these sales all year long

i like to buy that bioshock:infinite for my PC .... but im playing it now on my PS3

deadmanet one year ago

So many games! And so little money! Why do they have to tease me so!

BjrnPalskovHansen one year ago

Ohh man, this summer sale hurts, i have no money at all, and seeing all these great games go past me for these prices? Gosh...

ShaneStruble one year ago

Already picked up Dark Souls, chivalry, and FTL!! Been waiting for these games to go on sale for quite some time, and finally was able to pull the trigger. Not disappointed!

Jaybk26 one year ago

Oh Steam, why dost thou taunt us? One of my brothers has more games on Steam than he'll ever be able to play. And with each of these sales, he just buys more. Maybe the DRM centric ideas for the Xbox one really wouldn't be all that bad. Maybe they would have made so sales like this are possible because they don't have to combat piracy. It's too late to know now.:(

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