Orders Speak Volumes: Amazon Launch Edition PlayStation 4 Page Sold Out, Xbox One Not So Much

For all the hullabaloo surrounding the respective launches of the Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4 (in which we’ve taken part), there was always going to be a time when sales numbers would tell the story. We’re not there yet by any means, but there is some indication that the PlayStation 4 might be leading its competition: Preorders for the PlayStation 4 (Launch Edition) are sold out on Amazon.

Meanwhile, the Xbox One (Day One Edition) remains available. Of course, we must take all of this with a grain of salt, because we don’t know how many units each company was readying for preorder, but Amazon shows the PS4 as a top seller ahead of the Xbox One, for what that’s worth.

Further, after years of waiting, console gamers get two premier systems to choose from. One would think that passionate gamers would have come out in droves to preorder their favorite one. It’s also worth noting that the Standard Edition of the PS4 remains available for preorder, too.

Still, it’s ammunition for Sony to brag that its new system sold out well before the competition did. Amazon will ship the PS4 ($399.99) on December 31st, while the Xbox One ($499.99) will ship a month earlier on November 30th. If the latter’s preorders haven’t sold out soon, Microsoft should probably start sweating.
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Sevags one year ago

Don't count either one out yet. Though I am most likely skipping this generation it i do purchase a console it will be an Xbox One. I have no problem with an always on connection, I liked my Kinect (never used it to play games though) and I'm very much looking forward to Kinect 2, and I have never bought a used game and never plan on it. The only downside I see is my friends not being able to bring a game over that I don't have but owell.

Johnny3D one year ago

If they're on your friends list, they could play their games on your XBox One from what I understand. Additionally, we don't know how many PS4's vs how many XBox One preorders were offered. Nor is Amazon the only place where preorders placed. Reminds me of a Fox News style journalism... pushing the bias, not the information.

sevags one year ago

I didn't know that Johnny thanks for the info! That makes the decision even easier for me

Johnny3D one year ago

[quote user="sevags"]

I didn't know that Johnny thanks for the info! That makes the decision even easier for me


Here is a link that details some stuff about the sharing system: Link


I also found this which says that the original Amazon pre-orders for the XBox One sold out: Link 

And this quote from John Love, the director of US Video Games and Software at Amazon: "We were thrilled by the unprecedented demand we saw for Xbox One today. In the first four hours of preorder availability, we sold through most of our Xbox One Day One Edition inventory. Customers eager to get an Xbox One should visit our store at Amazon.com/xboxone to ensure they keep up-to-date on the latest information. We are excited to be working with Microsoft to deliver the next generation of games and entertainment."

The only number I've seen is that 1.4 million Xbox One preorders sold in the first 24 hours ($698,600,000 worth of XBox One systems @ $499 each). I have also read that Amazon got allotted additional pre-orders to sell off of the Day One editions.

I think the bottom line here is that HotHardware (and other sites) seem to have been trying to push the narrative that the XBox One is doing poorly or worse than the Sony PS4 where the truth of the matter is that both the PS4 and the XBox One are doing phenomenally well.

semitope one year ago

I really hate that all those links point to this same site. Useless really. The xbox one offers a second controller for preorders (on amazon anyway). I didnt see anything similar on the ps4 page. Would love a free controller, camera or year of plus.

ricofrost one year ago

So how many were sold?

If Sony on give Amazon 100k PS4 and Microsoft gave Amazon 400k Xbox ones.... then Sony's sold out means nothing.

Lets see numbers before you start titles like this.

Dave_HH one year ago

I agree with the notion that these aren't firm indicators of success or failure and I agree with you Johnny, but then again, as hardware enthusiasts and gamers it's really hard to not expect the platform discrepancies (performance expectations based on hardware advantages/disadvantages and always-connected requirement for Xbox One) aren't going to affect sales.

Ecosystem is also going to affect things dramatically at the end of the day, so it will be interesting to see how the chips fall. We shall see but out of the gate so far, this doesn't look as bright for MS.

Johnny3D one year ago

[quote user="Dave_HH"]always-connected requirement for Xbox One[/quote]

That isn't a requirement. It requires a once per 24 hour "phone home" internet connection. The "always on" rumor was just that, a rumor. That being said, how many gamers (casual to hardcore) is that really going to affect? Is there a single gamer here on HotHardware that could honestly say that the requirement for a once per 24 hour internet connection is beyond their capabilities? I don't even run my Xbox 360 without connecting it to the internet (I like the additional information and such that an internet connection provides). I also can't remember the last time my internet was down for more than a couple hours.

As time wears on, this will become even less of a problem as companies like google continue to lay fiber systems that provide basic (although sufficient) internet connections for free and open wireless connections become even more prevalent, this "problem" essentially ceases to exist.

KOwen one year ago

I doubt very much that December 31st is the actual PS4 launch date. Dates like that in correlation to video game release calendars are usually just rough place holders. I think Sony would be making a fatal mistake releasing their console so late in the holiday season.

Dave_HH one year ago

Agreed, it has to come sooner than that.

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