HP Re-Marketing Windows 7 As “Back By Popular Demand”, Offering $150 Off Systems

Usually when a PC vendor sells machines running an older operating system, it means that they’re trying to clear out inventory, but that is not the case with HP and its current promotion of Windows 7 PCs.

On HP’s welcome page, the main banner says “Back by popular demand” above a deal describing how you can configure a new HP PC with Windows 7 and get up to $150 off.

First of all--that’s a pretty good deal. If you’re in the market for a new PC, you might want to jump on that.

HP Windows 7 promo

Second, this is not just an inventory flush of old hardware. The deal applies to PCs running 4th-gen Intel Core (Haswell) processors, and the two notebooks among the five PCs in the promotion--the HP Pavilion 15t-n200 and HP ENVY 15t-j100 Quad Edition--are also available elsewhere on the site with Windows 8 configurations.

It appears that the company feels as though Windows 7 is a selling point over Windows 8, which means that as far as HP is concerned, consumers are voting with their wallets, so to speak. That’s bad news for Windows 8 specifically and for Microsoft generally.

Windows 9 is reportedly coming in 2015, and for all concerned--Microsoft, PC vendors, and consumers alike--the sooner the better.
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3vi1 11 months ago

Unfortunately, the customization screen won't let me remove Windows entirely and save more.

RJohnson 11 months ago

Good marketing from HP

lipe123 11 months ago

Windows 7 and windows 8 OEM costs the same money so how exactly are they justifying the $150, cause they have always just been overcharging?

NickModrowski 11 months ago


RWilliams 11 months ago

I find this to be a little stupid, and irresponsible of HP. The biggest issue people have with Windows 8 is the Start Screen... so why not do your customers a favor and pre-install a Start Menu restorer (or better yet, develop your own), so that they can enjoy the Start Menu as they always have, but gain the enormous number of enhancements that the OS brings?

But no, it's instead: Let's sell you an outdated OS because of that one niggle with Windows 8 you don't like.

Dave_HH 11 months ago

Totally agreed, Rob.

digitaldd 11 months ago

I assume they have some agreement with Microsoft to prevent them from adding a 3rd party start menu replacement.

realneil 11 months ago

Win-7 still works well here at my house. Can't see spending good cash on Win-8 when I don't need it.

I'd rather upgrade something else instead. (like a GPU or an SSD)

EzHunt 11 months ago

LOL w8 sucks ass

RWilliams 11 months ago

Why's that?

jack175 8 months ago

I can tell you in a nutshell why windows 8 is bad RWilliams. I have several issues with it:

1. When using a mouse with 8.1, it constantly pops up apps if you get too close to one or another edge of the screen in touchscreen laptops. This is extremely annoying when working as you have to constantly exercise a very fine control over your mouse to not hit the hot spots at the screen edges that make these pop ups appear.

2. I do not like all the "information gathering" by microsoft or all the other vendors whose apps are part of the "standard install." If I wanted corporations to track my every move online, I would tell them so. I for one like my privacy and do not like all this tracking.

3. All the so-called "apps" from the standard install are nothing more than a host of vendors trying to sell you things I mostly do not want. If I need to buy something, I'll go to a vendor website or store to buy it. I don't need apps constantly in my face with aderts and company logos.

4. Microsoft's embedding of Skydrive or Onedrive, whatever its called today, is disconcerting. I have disabled it, but many users will have no idea that all their files and things are being backed up in a "cloud" drive, and you can bet the rent that microsoft or other vendors that provide these "free" services arent doing it to give me things. The want to be able to search and scan my files to build better profiles on me to, yes, sell me more stuff I neither want nor need.

I could easily list a hundred things about windows 8.1 that I don't like but my time right now is being spent removing apps, and reconfiguring windows 8.1 to boot to the desktop and remove all these annoying things that get in the way of my doing work on my laptop.

The fact is, the direction that microsoft is going with their windows OS is going to drive me into the waiting arms of the likes of one of the Linux open source operating systems just because I don't like all this integration of apps whose only purpose is to separate me from more of my hard-earned cash or spy on me and build data bases in more attempts to separate me from more of my hard-earned cash.

And worse yet, with each iteration of the OS, *I* have to buy every increasing performance hardware to get any sort of reasonable performance out of the OS because of all the bloat from these commercial apps and unnecessary code. Not to mention how these apps suck up my internet bandwidth.

RicoFrost 11 months ago

My guess is they are doing this because there are a lot of people who have been saying windows 8 suck... however the real reason they say it suck is because of metro. As and OS is great, so it is metro that has given windows 8 a bad name so HP think going back to windows 7 will increase sales of their pc.

The thing is older pc's are still more then fine for you average users and they simply dont need to upgrade there pc.

I am still running 6-7yr old computers here at my work, after putting SSD's in them they are not slow or sluggish at all. I have no justification of spending 100k to upgrade because the increase just isn't really worth it.

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