Sony's Day-One PlayStation 4 Patch is 300MB, Adds Online Multiplayer and Much More

Yes folks, there will be a patch made available for Sony's upcoming PlayStation 4 console the moment it's released next month, and it's a pretty big one at 300MB. Though the last thing you want to do when you unbox a new console is sit around and wait for software updates to be installed, this one looks to be well worth it.

The 300MB patch (version 1.50) will introduce a bevy of new features and enable several existing ones, not the least of which is online multiplayer. PlayStation Plus members will be able to play PS4 titles online with other players via the network, and according to Sony, it will be easy to join a game from a live stream broadcast or Party voice chat.

PlayStation 4

Another nice addition is the ability to play supported digital files as they're being downloaded. The time it takes before you can jump into a partially downloaded title will vary depending on game data size and network environments, and not all titles will support the feature, but the ones that do will allow you to get in the game sooner than what would otherwise be possible.

This is really just the tip of the iceberg. Other features the patch will introduce, some of which we've outlined before, include the ability to broadcast and speculate gameplay, multiple log-ins (a maximum of four users can log into a single PS4 system simultaneously), face recognition and voice commands, background music player, and support for Blu-ray and DVDs (when using for the first time, you have to connect to the Internet to activate this feature, Sony says).
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JayceReinhardt one year ago

Day one patching, hrmm.

ricofrost one year ago

Show they are rushing it out the door before its fully ready.

After having a ps3 Im so not getting a ps4. My ps3 died twice, repaired it but after the second time I throw it away. Interface on the xbox is million times better... I don't think they have changed or updated the interface of the ps3 at all. As an eco system I feel the xbox is far better. As for bottom-line performance the console are so simular I dont think there will be much in it.

Dave_HH one year ago

It's more than common actually. I'm not sure they're "bragging" about it s much as informing consumers. Can't tell you the number of times we've gotten devices here that need firmware updates, several driver patches and numerous tweaks before they perform even close to what consumers see in retail.

Sevags one year ago

I'm with Jayce on this one... Sony is actually bragging about this??? I see day 1 patches are extremely annoying it feels like I bought something broken that needs fixing once I get home. Why weren't some of these features ready to go when they built the systems? Will the PS4 be usable while the patch is being downloaded/installed? Last thing most people want is to be the first to buy one of these, take it home in excitement, and wait a couple of hours to update it before playing.

ajm531 one year ago

I too agree with most points but I feel Dave made a good point that Sony isn't the only that does this. It really shouldn't be a big deal which leads me to another point. I think your over exaggerating a. Unless you have dsl or lower 300mbs wouldn't take "hours". Gta 5 had to download like 7-8 gigs of extra information and it took maybe 40 mins or so.

JvanHummel one year ago

At least it's only 300mb

Sevags one year ago

Dave; I know Sony isn't the only one that does this most devices seem to these days even my Samsung smart tv and wifi router needed updates right out of the box and I found it to be annoying even though the download files were really small. I feel that 300mb is a bit excessive for a day 1 patch. Maybe bragging wasn't the right word but they are definitely trying to spin it to sound like a good thing with new features avoiding the fact that it's a big file you need during initial setup.

Ajm; I am definitely not exaggerating, the time I made up he nothing to do with download speeds. I can download that file size in 5-10 minutes on my internet from a website or torrent but experience tells us that day 1 downloads often take much longer if you can connect to download servers that is. I'm guessing Sony servers are going to be slammed the first few days and could slow down how fast you get the patch. I also factored in the whole update experience from download time to install time.

ajm531 one year ago

Ahhh I admit sir I completely forgot about that. Very good point but for those who get it later on hopefully won't have to deal with it. But like you said those that pre-ordered or get on the day it hits shelves well it might not be the best immediate experience unless sony surprises and is actually prepared for the influx of traffic. I as you pointed out highly doubt that though

sevags one year ago

Ajm; correct my concern is pretty much for those who get their hands on a system the first week or so, after that it is pretty much expected that an update will be needed but that it will be easier to get.

also I'm not song bashing for those who think that, I'm sure Xbox One will also have a day 1 update and I will be equally disappointed if it's that large

zybch one year ago

The Xbone, as its based on a stable and well secured OS (windows 8), will probably have a couple of day one patches, but most likely nowhere near as large and affecting far less of the device than this megapatch from Sony. Also, because this is Sony's first 'go' with a brand new OS and platform its more than probable that this won't be the first large update we see in the first couple of months after release. But only time will tell.

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