ASUS Z87 ROG Motherboard Roundup: Enter Maximus VI

ASUS, like the other major motherboard manufacturers, has an extensive lineup of boards that now support Intel's 4th-generation Haswell processors and come packing the Z87 chipset. There are motherboards in ASUS' quiver that run the gamut from gaming boards to workstation boards to consumer-focused boards and beyond, but the company seems proudest of its Republic Of Gamers (ROG) line.

There are multiple Z87-based ROG boards in the series, and we took a look at three of them that represent a nice variety of form factors and features--the Maximus VI Impact, Maximus VI Gene, and the Maximus VI Formula--and also look at the work that the company has put into developing a robust gaming platform...

ASUS Z87 ROG Motherboard Roundup: Enter Maximus VI

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one year ago


I woke up, got my coffie, powerd up my RSS, and all morning kept drooling all over this peace of.... pure beauty... I love U gys..

CalPalJr one year ago

I usually given crap and some certain defects to most items. But my gawd. Asus please.

Krasniye 9 months ago

The e-atx one looks like something you'd pull off of a spaceship or a fighter jet from 2025

BigKihd 9 months ago

Asus boards are so sweet, I have worked with tons of them, by far less issue than the competitors

StaticFX 9 months ago

agreed.. I have used ASUS forever and have never  had one go bad.... 

ManuelPirez 9 months ago

Those cards are the best especially Maximus Vi Formula& the stock water cooling

ThomasBeaver 8 months ago

im trying hard to save up for the Maximus Vi Formula but bills keep getting in the way grrr

illus1ons 8 months ago

That mATX board is really perfect for a mATX gaming rig. With the new 295x2, some 16GB of ram bet you could build a really nice station. If only we could see better pricing with some of the components. Quality costs, I agree but still...

If what this report says is true I think I'd rather not have my system shut down instead of throttling. Restarting the system, choosing the OS from GRUB2, waiting for boot and restarting all the applications I had open is more time consuming that simply having the system slow down for a time. I am a fan of Asus but that Shutdown is a disappointment.

MacCunz 6 months ago

asus motherboards rocks!

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