Xbox One Games Pricing Confirmed at Current Standard $59.99 MSRP

Microsoft's upcoming Xbox One console represents the company's most ambitious effort to date to propel gaming into the cloud. Physical media will still exist, but by and large, Microsoft envisions console gamers purchasing and organizing titles in a Steam-like fashion, a method that has worked well for PC gamers. Steam's distribution platform also paved the way for deep discounts and frequent sales on top titles. Might we expect the same or similar price savings on the Xbox One? Perhaps eventually, but not at launch.

A representative for Microsoft told Polygon that Xbox One games will carry the same price tag as today's titles, meaning you can expect to pay $60 for a triple-A game. "I can confirm that Microsoft Studios games on Xbox One will be $59.99 (MSRP)," the un-named representative is quoted as saying.

Forza 5 Day One Edition

That's not really a big surprise considering outlets like Amazon have already begun taking pre-orders on Xbox One titles, with pricing in the neighborhood of $60 (Forza 5 Day One Edition, for example, is marked at $59.96 on Amazon). But while the $60 price point isn't a shocker, it will certainly be disappointing if publishers continue to charge the same amount once Microsoft's cloud platform gains a bit of traction.

You may recall a leaked letter on Pastebin from a supposed Xbox engineer. In it, he talks about the Xbox One's need to dial home every 24 hours, saying it's the same thing as having to log into Steam before playing games, only the Xbox One does it for you automatically each day. He also talked about how Steam's DRM scheme eventually led to lower priced titles.


"The whole point of the DRM switch from disc based to cloud based is to kill disc swapping, scratched discs, bringing discs to friends house, trade-ins for s**t value with nothing going back to developers, and high game costs," the engineer wrote. "If you want games cheaper then $59.99, you have to limit used games somehow. Steam's model requires a limited used game model[...]It was only once they had a digital marketplace with DRM that was locked down to prevent sharing that they could do super discounted [games]."

Maybe the Xbox One will get there eventually, just don't expect deep discounts on day one.
Via:  Polygon
JamesRennie one year ago

Rip off as we can do less with them

JeremyBrush one year ago

Agreed. This is why I have been gravitating towards the indie games scene on pc and moving away from console gaming. Eventually you can play all the AAA games as steam has sales on most games. Usually humble bundle has good deals that are too good to pass up. I miss the days when it was 20$ for a game. I don't understand it at all. Game prices have went up to three times the price they were(same with gas prices), but minimum wage hasn't even hit twice what it was lol.

samwelaye one year ago

games nowadays have huge budgets. For example, red dead redemption had a 100 million budget. $20 games in the past had what, one million max? If people are going to demand my complex games, the cost of gaming skyrockets.

JamesRennie one year ago

I bought gta eflc for 4 quid

Sevags one year ago

I agree that games are over priced these days and it's one of the reasons why I only buy 1 game for each of my consoles usually call of duty these days and just play it online. Other games I either play when friends bring them over or the rare rental at blockbuster. However it is understandable, to a point, why games have tripled in value. Today's games cost infinitely more to make compared to say the original Nintendo with some games having larger budgets than some Hollywood movies. Games have big name writers, directors, composers, celebrity voice overs, expensive cut scenes etc. I myself could easily do with out these expensive costs just higher a good writer.

ricofrost one year ago

Wish I could get games at that price, our dollar is stronger then the US and we still play $89 - $109 for xbox games.

DevinMorris one year ago

"nothing going back to developers" I don't know about you guys but when I trade games in I'm trading in towards another game. and while the cash isn't out of my pocket they still get the money from say gamestop etc.

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