Report: Xbox One Demand Surging, Could Outpace PlayStation 4 3-to-1

The next generation console wars have already begun. Sure, it will be a few months before Sony and Microsoft drop their respective PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles into retail, but changing feature-sets, preliminary analysis, and pre-orders statuses all serve as jabs before the real fight begins. So, which one is off to an early lead?

That would the Xbox One. Baird analyst Colin Sebastian had some interesting things to say in a note to investors regarding the next generation console wars.

Xbox One

"Despite losing the headline battles at E3, Microsoft's Xbox One appears to be regaining some momentum, in part due to the used and online policy tweaks," Sebastian wrote in his note, according to GamesIndustry International. "Importantly, our supply chain checks suggest Microsoft may have the benefit of a 2-3X advantage at launch compared to Sony's PS4."

That would be quite the win for Microsoft considering its console costs $100 more than Sony's. One reason it might not matter at the outset is because early adopters are more willing to pay a pricing premium for the product they want. It's also not an arbitrary price gap, as the Xbox One includes a second generation Kinect motion control sensor.

Regardless, it was a smart move on Microsoft's part to reverse course on a couple of its unpopular policies, such as a mandatory check-in every 24 hours.
DustinMaxfield one year ago

I think this is still just speculation at this point. It's hard to really judge without hard numbers.

The console war will likely be a good show, at the very least. :)

MikeValencia one year ago

Sure sure keep telling yourself that lol

RandyMorningstar one year ago

Of course. Everyone is out of PS4s :p

TimmSinnen one year ago

Who cares? Why can't people just buy the console they want and be happy with it?

Clixxer one year ago

Honestly I don't think this matter, in the end I bet both consoles are sold out for pre-orders before the launch and it will just matter who can bring more of their own console to market. Sony wants to have 5 million ready at launch and Xbox wants to have 15 million at launch (this is just an example btw) then technically Xbox does win since they produced more. In the end both of them will make money.

[quote user="TButtons"]

Why would you want to buy SpyBox One? It's $100 more than the PS4 just so you can have the stupid Kinect.


All about personal preference. I way more into PC gaming but majority of my friends play the Xbox so if I got one it would be that so I can play with said friends. 
swazzy one year ago

Signed up here just to point out to this numbskull of a writer that supply chain capacity has no connection whatsoever to demand. Honestly, you probably shouldn't be writing about tech if you don't understand that.

Kidbest100 one year ago

this might be true, but I don't believe it yet. It's too early to really have an accurate answer right now.

ajm531 one year ago

again the article already said it but preorders really mean nothing. its the majority of average consumers that will make the difference once they actually release and real advertising is done so that those parents who could care less about the newest nintendo(thats what my mother would call it no matter what the console) only that they care that their kid wants it.

DonEdwardsJr one year ago

this is why i made a bad ass PC. ps4 and xbox one are now outdated to what i play with. and whats sad there not even out yet

Clixxer one year ago

The only thing that the Xbox One and PS4 will have over PC is the fact that game only need to be optimized for literally 2 different systems (unless you start counting the WiiU) and the hardware in those system are very similar. 

So while they have worse hardware than a mid grade PC will have the fact they only have to worry about optimizing for one thing really helps them out. Having said that I still choose PC over console anyday but I was very impressed what 343 did with Halo 4 on the Xbox 360 and curious to see what they do with alot better hardware.

zybch one year ago

Clixxer, please point me to a MID range PC with a true 8 core CPU (not 4 cores + hyped up hyperthreading).

Oh wait. There aren't even high end PCs with a single 8-core chip, the best you could do is a 6-core one or cramming multiple CPUs into an expensive motherboard with dual sockets.

Also, you seem to forget that its NOTHING about the architecture, x86/PowerPC/Cell/etc, its ALL about the APIs. And MS has a huge advantage as its using DirectX the same as the vast majority of PC titles and all Xbox titles ever. If sony to had to rewrite all of its tools and provide an API that its developers can use and have it be as stable as MS's platform it's going to be some time before its as optimized as possible, and something that might not even happen as the one thing you DON'T want in a console is spec or feature creep over time.

Clixxer one year ago

Really dude? You forget AMD build this? 8350, 8320, paired with a decent board/GPU. 

SamDaBossKhalil one year ago

I truly could not see that happening. After microsofts pr nightmare, I doubt they will out sell sony for a long time after launch. 

taylor123 one year ago

As much as I have enjoyed playing Xbox games, I have recently had the chance to play pc games at a friends house, and I would have to say I'm much more impressed with the pc. I would love a gaming pc over the xbox or ps4. Hopefully one day I can afford one!

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