Google's Android Smartwatch Launch Reported As Imminent

Everybody has expected Google to develop a device of its own to compete in the burgeoning smartwatch market, and the writing was all but on the wall when the company recently acquired smartwatch developer WIMM Labs and at least one of its employees. However, the speed at which Google may come to market with such a device is somewhat startling; according to the Wall Street Journal, a Google smartwatch is imminent.

Wimm One smartwatch, now owned by Google
Wimm One smartwatch

Sources indicate that the device is in late-stage development and that Google is contacting Asian suppliers about going into mass production within months.

Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch
Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch

The smartwatch will reportedly run Android and will have Google Now integrated with it, and it will (shocker) be able to communicate with smartphones. Elongated battery life will be a premier feature, and Google may make a concerted effort to bolster the usefulness of a smartwatch by beefing up the quality and number of available apps.

Google’s smartwatch will compete against Samsung’s Galaxy Gear as well as similar rumored devices from the likes of Apple.
Via:  WSJ
HanyangXu one year ago

I wonder why no one ever mentions the Sony Smartwatch 2. Considering price and specs, it seems like a fair choice for anyone looking to get a smartwatch. all the media hype seems to be on the Galaxy Gear...which incidentally is a pretty horrid device.

ajm531 one year ago

well thats true to some degree. But the hype mostly comes from the non tech media and commercials. Any tech site like this one that has actually reviewed basically agrees with your sentiment. Its too expensive for a device thats more like a half way device. It can only do certain things half way good/right. Lets hope google makes a better product than this. Im excited for googles product as google now is actually useful and has a massive ecosystem to back it up.

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