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Despite a horrendous first half by the San Francisco 49ers, the Super Bowl turned into a nail biter and almost sparked talk of "Powergate" following a power outage (and subsequent delay) that shifted the momentum. The Baltimore Ravens were able to hold on, however, living up to their billing as a team of destiny. But that wasn't the only reason to watch the Super Bowl.

The best ads of the year typically run during the Super Bowl, and for the most part, this year didn't disappoint. Not all were winners, but several were memorable, such as the Samsung ad featuring Seth Rogan, Paul Rudd, and LeBron James.

YouTube's AdBlitz channel has rounded up all the commercials from the Super Bowl and wants you to vote on your favorite. Even if you don't want to cast your vote, it's the go-to portal for reliving some of the funnier moments, like this one:

If I had to pick just one, I'd go with Oreo's "Whisper Fight":

What did you think about the commercials this year? Sound off in the comments section below!
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RWilliams one year ago

Strange... I watched the game online through CBS and didn't see these commercials.

realneil one year ago

[quote user="RWilliams"]Strange... I watched the game online through CBS and didn't see these commercials.[/quote]

We saw them all. The farmer advert was good. I laughed at the Doritos Advert too.


CDeeter one year ago

I really wasn't that impressed with the commercials this year. Some made me chuckle, but nothing really great. I actually thought the more serious ones were better, like the farmer one from Dodge.

Dave_HH one year ago

I loved the Dodge commercial about the Farming industry and Farmers. That was the voice of Paul Harvey. Good day. :)

eunoia one year ago


scolaner one year ago

I was too busy shouting at the TV the whole time to really engage with the commercials.

digitaldd one year ago

only commercial I really liked was the 2 Broke Girls poledancing one.

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