Google Fiber Video Coming to KC

Midwest livin’ has never been so good. In addition to a cost of living that would make any east- or west-coaster faint with jealousy, Kansas City was the lucky winner of the Google Fiber sweepstakes. KC was the first city to test out Google’s 1Gbps network, the fastest Internet service available.

Google, with its constant Manifest Destiny-like expansion into more tech territories, has surely been looking to add services to its Internet offering relating to its Google TV; now, it appears that the search giant has indeed taken a step in that direction.

The Kansas City Business Journal reports that the state of Kansas has given regulatory approval for Google to offer video services in Kansas City. This follows Missouri Public Service Commission approval early in March to allow the same on the Missouri side of the city.

There’s still some wrangling to do with the FCC to get all the legal ducks in a row, but there’s little doubt that Google is stepping into content provider territory in a big way.
rapid1 2 years ago

Wow though true 1GBps internet would be awesome. I have Comcrap and of course can't complain really but even with there highest you get like 3-600 MBps and when powerburst is going for it's few seconds 750-800 but continuous 1GBps all the time would be sweet. I am so glad Google is taking this approach though they will eat Comcast if they go internet bundle TV/Internet, and for phone they already have Android own Motorola and offer free VOIP with Google Voice if anyone wants to talk about big combined companies with multiple avenues Google will be the definition in a minute if there not already.

inspector 2 years ago

I would really like for it to be set up in my area :D. Fios for one isn't... and DSL is really slow -.-

omegadraco 2 years ago

Plus I am pretty sure that it is going to be 1GBPS up and down.

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